• Faculty and Staff

Tallahassee’s Christian College & Training Center  has changed thousands of lives by:

  • providing spiritual growth through formal education and personal enrichment,
  • supplementing and extending the ministry of the local church and
  • building unifying relationships across the Body of Christ.

Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center educates, nurtures, and trains men and women of faith, preparing and forming them for leadership and ministry in order to impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

LibraryTCCTC is an accredited,  cross-denominational seminary, Bible college and training center dedicated to teaching the Word of God. TCCTC opened its doors in 1990, as a result of a cooperative vision of local Christian leaders and pastors. The purposes of Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center are:

• To provide students with a strong grounding in the Word of God.
• To support and extend the ministry of the local church.
• To build unifying relationships across the Body of Christ.

Academic programs are designed to provide students with the spiritual foundation, knowledge and skills required to become committed, effective followers of Jesus Christ. The college does this through the study of Scripture and ministry of the Word in its historical context and contemporary settings. TCCTC is highly motivated to help students find God’s purpose for their lives and equip them to fulfill their destiny in Him. TCCTC’s core curriculum promotes:

• An in-depth knowledge of, and love for, the Scriptures.
• A deep relationship with the Lord Jesus and a love for all people.
• A sensitivity to the guiding, directing power of the Holy Spirit.
• A solid foundation of basic Christian doctrine.
• The vision and character required for Christian living and leadership.
• A commitment to the Body of Christ.

Students receive an exceptional curriculum of sound Biblical study, theology, ministry, and prayer in an atmosphere of God’s presence and power. Whether pursuing academic credit or studying for personal growth,  programs are designed to be flexible and diversified in order to meet the individual needs and the goals of each student. Individualized programming and academic counseling are available to each student.


TCCTC  is accredited at the highest level by Transworld Accrediting Commission International. To learn more about Transworld and review our accreditation, please visit: http://transworldaccrediting.com/schools/tallahassee-christian-college-training-center .