Faculty Profiles

                   Course Instructors

JOSEPH AMANFU                         BRIAN BAILEY

TERI CHRISTMAS                          GIL CROSBY
MILT DAHL                                         SHERRY DAHL
FREDDY DAVIS                               
SARITA FOWLER                           
ANN GLEATON                               JOSEPH HENDERSON
DARREL HOPE                                SHEREE HOPE
HARRY HORNE                              DAVID HULL
ASHLEY JONES                              JIMMIE JONES
JACKIE KINSEY                              STANLEY KMET
JENNY LANNOM                         JOSHUA  LESSARD
ANDY MILLER                                JOYCE MORGAN                         
DAVID PARRISH                            MARY PIRRO
VICTOR POWELL                         CLIFF SINGLETARY
SCOTT STAKE                                 GENE STRICKLAND
MARGARET SWINGER             FRED THOMSON                       

SHELLEY TODD                             CARLOTTA WALDMANN
JOAN WEST                                     JEAN WILLIAMS 

                        Seminar Instructors
FRANKIE ALLEN                               SHERRY ANDERSON
RAY BARDILL                                     MICH’ELE BARRINGTON
MARJORIE BEASLEY                    
BETH BURNS                                     GLENN BURNS
TAL DAVIS                                            
BECKY DVORAK                             ARRIET FOSTER
TOM GILLAN                                    DOUGLAS GINGERICH
JUDITH HAWKINS                      ROGER HUGHS
DAYLE ISTED                                  BRENDA JARMON
BEV LEWIS                                       BEVERLY DRU LEWIS
MARK MAHONEY                      HERB McRAE
DAN NASE                                       BILL NEAL
DOUG OTT                                     PAM OUSLEY
KATHY PALMER                         TIM PERRIER
BART SCHUCHTS                      BOB SCHUCHTS
MARK SCHULZ                           QUIN SHERRER
ANN SMITH                                   
RAY WANN                                   CYNTHIA WILSON

                Faculty Emeritus
MICHAEL PETTY                        ALLEN ROSS


Course Instructors

Biografía:  El profesor Felix Aguayo tiene experiencia en el campo de la enseñanza tanto a nivel secular como a nivel religioso.  Enseñó en el Sistema educativo de Puerto Rico.  Fungió como capellán en la Reserva del Ejército de E.U. en Puerto Rico (U.S. Army Reserve). Allí ministró a soldados y familiars mediante la predicación y la consejería.  Estuvo a cargo del Progama de Apoyo a la Familia a través del cual proveyó apoyo moral y religioso a los familiares de los soldados que eran enviados a la guerra.  Fue enviado a Alemania donde ministró tanto en la base militar como en uno de los hopitales civiles de la ciudad de Bamberg.  También fungió como capellán en la carcel federal en Puerto Rico (Metropolitan Detention Center) donde ministró a los confinados a través de la predicación y cantando música cristiana y tocando su guitarra.  Aquí en Tallahassee ha ofrecido estudios bíblicos a los miembros de la iglesia donde él se congrega. También ha ministrado en “Wakulla Correctional Institution” y en la iglesia Bautista hispana de Bonifay.  Por ultimo, él también ministra en Radio Fe donde canta, predica y ora por las peticiones.  El profesor Aguayo tiene un  doctorado (Ph.D.) en Estudios Teológicos aduirido en el año 2013.

Professor Felix Aguayo has taught at both the secular and the religious levels. He taught in the Education System of Puerto Rico. He served as a chaplain in the U.S. Army Reserve in Puerto Rico. There he ministered to soldiers and their families through preaching and counseling. He was in charge of the Family Support Group through which he provided religious and moral support to the families of those soldiers deployed to war.  He was deployed to Germany where he ministered both at the military installation, and in one of the civilian hospitals of Bamberg.  He also served as chaplain in the federal jail (Metropolitan Detention Center) in Puerto Rico, where he ministered to the inmates through preaching, singing Christian music and playing his guitar.  Here in Tallahassee he has offered Bible studies to the members of the church where he attends.  Also, he has ministered in Wakulla Correctional Institution and in Bonifay Christian Community Baptist Church. Finally, he also ministers in “Radio Fe” which is the Hispanic department of Faith Radio.  There he sings, preaches and prays for prayer requests. Professor Aguayo completed his Ph.D. in Theological Studies in 2013. top

dr_joeDr. Joe Amanfu is a certified Life & Leadership Coach and is the current President of Seed Word Communications LLC as well as the past President of the Tallahassee Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI). He is certified by Boston University to teach in their Management Development Programs and was an instructor with the Graduate School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University in Plano, Texas. Joe has 39 years of experience in the IT industry and has worked in leadership positions in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra-Leone, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Turkey, South Africa and the USA. Along with his employment he has also held officer positions in several professional and civic organizations.  top

brianBaileyBrian Bailey is an author with four books published including A Great Crowd of Witnesses Series, Vol. 1 and 2. A fifth book, Joseph, A Life of Providence, Injustice and Forgiveness is currently under review by the publisher. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies program at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center. Brian earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Florida State University and has over 30 years of employment in the private sector. top

kenDr. Kennith Barrington and his wife, Helena, pastor Metropolitan Cathedral of Truth. His experience and background in business have been developed in his work with Barrington Enterprises, Inc., a family based corporation, which includes several local businesses and real estate ventures. He has also gained expertise in the field of sound engineering and has served many churches as a sound consultant, helping to select and install quality sound systems and training sound technicians. Kenneth is a graduate of the Florida A & M University School of Business and Industry with a degree in Business Management. top

helenaDr. Helena Barrington has written thousands of songs, musicals, cantatas and oratorios, and is considered one of America’s pioneers in the sounds of praise and worship. Her songs are being sung in churches around the world. She also composes award-winning soundtracks for PBS documentaries. Helena serves as Dean of Seminars and Advisory Board member for the National College Black Gospel Choir Workshop, the Urban League Board of Directors, and is a founding Board member of the Prophetic Music and Arts Conference. She also established the nation’s first Christian Performing Arts Academy. top

ChristmasTeri Christmas was hired as Operations Manager for Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center in August 2014 and will continue in her position as Associate Professor, a position she has held since 2000. Along with teaching at the college, she has previously taught at Four Oaks Community Church, Celebration Baptist Church, Baptist Campus Ministry (FSU), and First Baptist Church, Chipley. Teri has also developed and taught seminars for various women’s retreats. Along with teaching, she has worked as the executive administrative assistant to the managing partner in Christmas, Spano, & Owen. Teri received her M. Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary after earning her B.A. in Philosophy/Religion with an emphasis in Greek. top

GIL CROSBY, Th. M., D. Min
gilbertCrosby currently serves the Gulf Atlantic Diocese of the Anglican Church in North America as Dean of the Tallahassee Region. He retired from the pastorate of All Saints Anglican Church in Tallahassee in January 2012 and had previously served as pastor of St. Francis of Assisi from 1991 until July 2006. Before his pastorate at St. Francis of Assisi, Gil served as a deacon, and then the pastor, of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Starke, FL. He graduated from Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. Gil Crosby has earned the degree of Doctor of Ministry from Trinity. Prior to his theological training, Gil had earned his B.S. and M.S. in Forestry from the University of Florida, completed additional graduate work in ornithology at the University of Tennessee and was a high school biology teacher. top

Milt DahlMilton Dahl retired after working forty years as a nurse in acute care settings as a direct patient care giver, manager, human resource administrator,  systems developer and project manager for system wide MI and diabetes quality improvement initiatives. His clinical interests have been patient experience, nursing presence, integrative care, complex systems and information management. Milt graduated from Kalamazoo College with a BS in chemistry, received a NSF research fellowship to pursue a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Illinois but changed directions and pursued nursing. He received an A.A.S. in nursing from the Regent’s College of the University of the State of New York. In 2003 he received an M.S. in information studies at FSU. In nursing he has presented nationally in clinical areas of diabetes, MI improvement, and orthopedic pain control. He has worked actively with Tallahassee Healing Prayer ministries teaching classes that blend the need for multi-generational community, the interactive presence of God, the need to master a cluster of essential, brain-based relational skills to achieve healing, peace and community. top

sherrySherry Dahl teaches Christian counseling at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center as well as being a Theophostic Prayer teacher. She earned a BSN from Florida State University as well advanced degrees in theology and philosophy from universities in Chicago. Sherry has had Theophostic Apprenticeships and training as well as ministry experience since she began her ministry as a lay leader in inner healing in the early 1990’s. top

freddyDr. Freddy Davis. is currently the Executive Director of Market Faith Ministries as well as an author, seminar speaker, pastor, owner of TSM Enterprises and Florida State Minister for Capitol Commission. Freddy’s particular area of expertise is on worldview, as it relates to living the Christian life and sharing an effective witness. He speaks to businesses and other organizations on the topics of personal development, decision making, influence, and leadership. Freddy received his M. Div. and D. Min from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary after earning his BA in Communications from Florida State University. He spent many years overseas serving as a missionary in Japan and the former Soviet Republic of Latvia. top

scottDr. Scott Flanagan received his Ph.D. from Stanford University, his M.A. from the University of California at Berkeley, and his B.A. from Union College. He taught political science at Florida State University and has served as a missionary in Japan. top


Sarita FowlerSarita Fowler is an American and Trilingual Sign Language Interpreter and is now teaching at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center.  Sarita received her Master’s degree in Spanish from the University of Central Florida and her Master’s degree of Theology from the Dallas Theological Seminary.  Sarita has taught in ESOL programs, High school math, Spanish I & II, and Spanish tutoring for intermediate to advanced students. top

robBob Garment currently serves as pastor of Hope Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Tallahassee as well as a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor and teacher with Live the Life Ministries. He has taken classes in the doctorate program at Reformed Theological Seminary, received his M.Div. from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and is an ordained Presbyterian minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. His undergraduate work is in the area of psychology and sociology. Bob and his wife, Mary, have been a passionate part of the pro-life ministry throughout Florida. He is past president of Florida Right to Life and a founder of the Care Net Crisis Pregnancy Services in Port St. Lucie. Mary served as the Center Director and continues as a counselor with A Women’s Pregnancy Center in Tallahassee. top

annAnn Gleaton serves as Missions Director in her church as well as teaching at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center. In 2005, Ann’s book, “The Spoken Blessing: A Spiritual Posture” was published. Ann has served as Children’s Church pastor for Christian Heritage Church which involved writing curriculum and creatively presenting the Gospel every Sunday. She has spoken to women’s conferences, Sunday School classes, Christian education development courses, youth groups, philanthropic social groups, as well as both men and women inmates. She continues to teach the biblical principle of the Spoken Blessing. top

Joseph HendersonDr. Joseph W. Henderson is the founder and senior pastor of Celebrate New Life Tabernacle Church (CNLT) in Tallahassee, FL and founder and president of the Timothy Training and Development Center, Inc., a community social services outreach ministry of CNLT. Dr. Henderson is a conference speaker who has written many Christian articles. He is heard around the country weekly for his radio broadcast, “Keys to the Kingdom,” that airs on Faith Radio in Florida, WFRF, 105.7 FM. He is a graduate of Florida A&M University (B.S., Physics), the American Bible College (B.A., Biblical Studies), Trinity Theological Seminary (M.A., Theology) and honored by the conferring of a doctor of divinity degree from St. Thomas Christian University, Jacksonville, FL. In addition, he is a Ph.D. candidate (Theology) at Trinity Theological Seminary, Newburg, Indiana. He is married to Cynthia Henderson, his wife and ministry partner since 1988. They are the proud parents of Donetta Marie Henderson, born in  2006. top


darrel_and_sheree_hope_smallerDarrel & Sheree Hope are passionate about transitioning into marriage ministry. Together, they are bringing a fresh perspective to the blessings and challenges of marriage, as well as 20 years’ experience of working in ministry to share as Holy Spirit leads. With three adult children and one still in the home, there is much to discuss when it comes to relationship(s). Blending a family is not only a challenge in the natural, but also in the spirit. However, from the challenge ministry can be birthed. That is exactly what happened for them in 2014.
They began building their current organization, B&F Ministry, to offer biblical based counseling and marriage and relationship education (MRE) programs impacted by the teachings of Dr. Myles Munroe. Together, they confront separation within the heart, soul, mind and spirit of participating couples who desire Godly unions. Their counsel highlights the emotional, spiritual captivity resulting from conflicting beliefs (relational myths) with the Word that prevents a consistent joyful connection with God and others. Today, they bring with them the good news. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!” John 8:32 top

HarryHorneHarry Horne currently teaches at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center. He has previously served as a pastor and an associate pastor in local churches in Georgia and Florida. He was also a missionary doing Christian education and youth work in Grand Cayman with the Presbyterian Church (USA). Harry served as a professor of Bible with a theological education program related to the Latin American Bible University in Costa Rica. Harry received his D. Min. and Th.M. in New Testament Studies from Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, his M.Div. from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and his BA in Sociology from Eckerd College. top

davidHullDavid Hull is a full-time professor and biblical scholar who has served at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center since 1995. He is also the founder of Treasures of God Ministries, a Christ-centered Bible study and ministry training program. David has authored Christ in the Law, Jesus Christ in All the Scriptures, and The Priesthood of All Believers. He has served as a professor at Louisville Bible College, Kentucky Christian College and has taught courses at Jamaica Christian. David has completed his residency work for the Ph.D. in Practice Ministries at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He received his M. Div. from Emmanuel School of Religion and his BA in Bible from Phillips University. top

Ashley L. Jones graduated from the Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center in 2010 with a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies. She uses her blog, BigSisterKnows.com, to encourage others to see God as alive and relevant to their everyday lives. She brings this same passion to her other projects, including her current focus, Girls with Gusto, a book for young women on how to navigate the eight major steps of the spiritual journey. Ashley is represented by the Hartline Literary Agency.   top

Jimmie Jones is the founder of Breaking Strongholds Conference. She is a licensed/ordained minister.
She is the Administrative Coordinator for the Spiritual Care and Clinical Pastoral Education Department at TMH. She volunteered at TCCTC for years and completed classes in biblical counseling. She earned an AA at TCC and studied accounting at Flagler College. She holds a Florida Childcare and Education Program Director’s Credential and is a member of the National Notary Association.
She teaches monthly seminars on prayer and breaking strongholds. She is passionate about intercessory prayer and has read most books regarding the same. For three years, she was the Regional Director of Intercessors for the Apostolic Ministries and Churches International in Brewton, AL.
Every year in April, she coordinates the annual Breaking Strongholds Conference. As a Chaplain-in-Training at TMH, she has earned three units of Clinical Pastoral Education. She resides in Monticello, FL with her husband, Chaplain Don Levon. top

2014 to current, Founder and Pastor of New Journey Baptist Church.
2009-2014, Pastor Community Baptist Church
1981-2009 Minister of Music/Associate Pastor, Community Baptist Church.
1975-1981 Attended Liberty Bible College and Luther Rice Seminary.  Degree field; Bible theology and Pastor Counseling.
1977-1981 Co-Pastor/Minister of Music Autumn Lake Baptist Church.
1976 Accepted the call to preach the Gospel and was Ordained.
1974 Accepted Christ as his personal Savior, Maranatha Baptist
1969-1973 Served in the United States Navy.
1974 Employed with the Federal Bureau of Prison retired 2000 from the Warden’s Office.
Pastor Kelly, is oldest of six siblings (2 brothers and 3 sisters) and the son of Vaster Kelly, a 38 year police veteran who deceased in 2004 and Edna Kelly, a retired 30 year bookkeeper with Leon County Schools who is still active in Christian service at the age of 86.
Pastor Kelly believes that one of his responsibilities as pastor is to create a church environment that allows people to experience God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and then become a difference maker wherever God places them.
1974 – Currently married to Rhonda Lieb Kelly. They have 3 daughters, Tonya, Tara, and Trina, and 6 grandchildren.
His belief is a well-grounded bible belief system will develop the body, soul and spirit and motivate us to help others find what they are looking for on life’s spiritual journey. top

Jackie Kinsey preferred pictureBible teacher and end-time prayer warrior, Jackie Kinsey, has been on a life-long journey to learn more about God and His Word. She has found the more she learns, the more there is to know of our multi-faceted God. Jackie ministers with a boldness that only comes from intimacy with God and Holy Spirit and a firm belief in the integrity of the Word of God.
It is her heart’s desire to see the Body of Christ live a victorious life here on earth and to show the love of the Father to the world that; “they may know us by our love we have one for another.” Towards that end, Jackie has served as Sunday School teacher, ACTeen’s Director (a ministry to teenaged young women), and Women’s Ministry leader at her Church. She has also served as president of the Madison, FL Chapter of Women’s Aglow, county coordinator for the Spiritual Prayer Network, co-founder of the Bread Ministry (a food distribution ministry to the needy) and Christian Radio broadcaster.
She is President and Founder of Jackie Kinsey Ministries, a teaching ministry, whose mission is to minister the Kingdom of God: to the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick and to those in prison (Matt. 25:34-36). Besides ministering in the Church arena, she preaches Sunday service at the county jail.
She is Registrar/Finance Director and Prayer Coordinator for The Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center in Tallahassee, FL. Jackie along with her husband of 43 years, Johnny Kinsey, live in Greenville, Florida. They are blessed with five married sons and eighteen grandchildren. top

stanleyDr. Stanley Kmet is a licensed minister and is currently President of Holy of Holies Ministry in Tallahassee. He has organized a number of “Radical Worship Conferences” in Florida and “Worship 2000” in New York City. Stan has preached and ministered at a number of churches in Florida, New York, Alabama, and Georgia. He has also written a manuscript entitled Radical Worship – Rebuilding David’s Tabernacle and has produced music CDs. Stan obtained his Ph.D. in economics/education from Florida State University and his B.S. degree in education from Northwestern University. top

Rev. Lannom is a native Houstonian and Texan.  She grew up in Houston and in Southeastern Texas.  She graduated from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, with a B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Religion, where she experienced a call to ministry.  As a United Methodist, Jenny attended Emory University’s Candler School of Theology in Atlanta, Georgia.  She graduated with a Master’s of Divinity degree, and did her initial four units of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) as part of her seminary coursework at Georgia Baptist Hospital in Atlanta.
Jenny began her chaplaincy career in the Texas Medical Center of Houston, as a Staff Chaplain at The Methodist Hospital.  She served as a cardiac/nephrology chaplain for 11 years.  While at Methodist, she became Board Certified as a professional Chaplain through the Association of Professional Chaplains and trained to become a CPE Supervisor in the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE). She received a call to manage the CPE program at Presbyterian Healthcare Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Jenny has also served as a Director of a Level I Trauma hospital in Lakewood, Colorado and as the first full-time out-patient chaplain at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.
Jenny has been married to Gerry for over 35 years and they have two adult sons.  One is a middle-school teacher in Katy, Texas, and the other one is a Food Services Director with Aramark Corporation at Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona.  Both have red hair, like Jenny.  When she is not working, Jenny enjoys cooking, baking, watching classic movies, and traveling with Gerry and her family. top

rabbi_joshuaRabbi Joshua Lessard is currently the rabbi and worship director at Tikvat Ami Messianic Synagogue in Tallahassee, FL. He has twelve years of experience as a messianic cantor and has compiled a Messianic Shabbat Siddur (a Sabbath prayer book). In addition to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Josh has studied in biblical and Jewish studies at Gratz University, Old Dominion University, Netzer David International Yeshiva, Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center, and Yeshiva classes from the International Association of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues and Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations. top

Richard and his wife Darlene have three children and five grandchildren. The Marcello’s ministered for 17 years in Mexico and returned to the states in 2003. After ministering in Western North Carolina for 3 years they moved to Tallahassee, Florida to be pastors of LifePoint Church.
In Mexico, Richard established many strong churches in the central and eastern part of the nation. The main church in the capital city of Xalapa, Veracruz, has a weekly attendance of more than 2,000 people. God has used him to raise up leaders in Mexico who are ministering in many nations of the world including Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Russia, Germany and the United States of America. He has been involved teaching in Bible Institutes since 1982 equipping leaders for full-time ministry. He also travels internationally, assists the churches in Mexico and works with Christian leaders throughout the world.
Richard is an Apostle who functions with a strong prophetic gifting. God has used him to minister in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as well as release the supernatural in the Body of Christ. He has a deep passion for relationship with the Heavenly Father and for His presence.top

M. MartinMichael S. Martin is a Navy veteran having spent 8 years flying helicopters. After leaving the Navy he completed his degree at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 1989. Mike gave eight years to assisting the Navy in developing training material. Mike came to TCCTC in the Spring of 2016. Prior to coming to TCCTC Mike served as the senior pastor at Cross Roads Baptist Church in Beachton, Georgia for 10 years. Mike thoroughly enjoys his Bible teaching in a very engaging and interactive setting. Michael is married to Suzanne. They have two daughters. top

andyMillerAndy Miller, L.C.S.W., serves as director for Tallahassee Healing Prayer Ministries and has practiced as a professional individual, marriage and family therapist for the past twenty years. The bulk of his practice is focused on resolving dissociation and trauma in those with severe abuse backgrounds by actively incorporating biblical healing principles. Andy is ordained as a priest in the orthodox Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches and serves as Chaplain to the Archbishop, Dr. Russell McClanahan. He travels several times a year to train prayer ministers in the use of the Heart Sync Ministry model. top

Joyce MorganDr. Joyce Morgan currently serves on the Board of Directors at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center as well as teaching.  She has worked for the Department of Management Services for over 25 years and is a member of Capital City Toastmasters. Joyce received her CC and CL designations from Toastmasters International, an organization dedicated to improving communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. Dr. Morgan earned an A.A and B.S from Florida State University, a M.B.A. from Baker College Center for Graduate Studies, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration from Walden University.
Joyce is a member of Bethel AME Church in Tallahassee.  Joyce is a member of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars currently conducting research on Elder Caregiving. top

I have earned a Bachelors in Christian Leadership from New Covenant University, as well as served as a team leader of missions into 20 different countries spanning the last 21 years. I have had the privilege of serving churches in almost every conceivable denomination, and numerous socioeconomic and cultural settings ranging from Zurich University in Switzerland to tribes living in caves throughout Mexico. I have served in 20 different local and regional discipleship and prayer ministries. As of today, I am currently serving as Director of The International School of Theology and Leadership in Thomasville, Georgia. At this time and place of HIS journey for me, two of my favorite Bible verses are: Ephesians 3:20 and II Timothy 2:2. “If serving is beneath you, leading is beyond you.” top

Mary M. Pirro founded and facilitates the current Writers Group at Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center. Creatives of all types and abilities are invited to attend these meetings. Mary earned her Master of Library Science at Texas Woman’s University in 1997 and has worked in libraries and information centers across the USA. Her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration was awarded in 1993 at Southwestern Assemblies of God College in Waxahachie, Texas. top

Dr. Powell is CEO and Senior Pastor of Rhema World Cathedral of the Rhema Nation Network, in Albany, GA,, where he has formulated new ministries that contributed to phenomenal growth. Dr. Powell is also a Consultant/Trainer with VLP, THINKBIG, Inc., where he develops and leads training workshops and seminars. His broad range of experience also includes consecration as a bishop in the International Communion of Churches, work as a correctional sergeant and honorable service in the Marine Corps.
He was honored with a Doctor of Humane Letters in Theology in 2006. He is certified in: Clinical Pastoral Education; Ethics and Professionalism; and Mediation. He has authored and published three books: Closet Ministry; The Awakening; and Nuggets.
He and his wife have been blessed with three adult children. top


cliftonCliff Singletary currently serves Gordon-Conwell as System Administrator. His interests include Old Testament studies and linguistics, as well as the development of distance education initiatives, the merging of technology and theological education. Clifton earned his M. Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary after receiving his B.S. degree from Florida State University. top

Scott Stake is the Pastor of Groups & Missions at Four Oaks Community Church, a role he has served in for 12 years that includes training, assessment, care, and ongoing support of missionaries. He is the local coordinator for a discipleship course called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, which includes instruction from 15 different visiting missionaries and church leaders, outstanding readings from world-renowned authors, and a fun, dynamic learning environment! Scott received his M.T.S. from Reformed Baptist Seminary and M.S.W. from Florida State University.top

The Rev. Gene Strickland is a Priest in the Anglican Church of North America and presently serves with Live the Life as Regional Director of Marriage and Family Programs for Northwest Florida. Prior to his call to ordained ministry Gene served over two decades in the Criminal Justice System following his tour of duty in the U.S. Army. He graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and received his Masters of Divinity from The University of the South, Sewanee, TN. Gene’s passion is family equipping and discipleship, and the Lord has given him a heart to coach and mentor men who seek to walk fully in their shepherd roles as husbands and fathers. He has had the privilege to speak and teach locally, nationally, and internationally on a variety of topics related to biblical identity, leadership, marriage, and biblical discipleship. Gene and his wife Linda have been married 43 years and share a passion and ministry for healing and strengthening marriages and families. top

MswingerMargaret Swinger is an ordained minister in the Foursquare Gospel Church, and is in Pastoral Ministry with her husband, Pastor Arlen Swinger. She has served in Sylvania, GA, Mooresville, NC, Waynesboro, VA, Concord, NC, and Tallahassee, FL. Margaret is a well-known Worship Leader, speaks at churches, leads retreats and conferences for women, and has been involved in leadership for Aglow International. Margaret received her BA Degrees in Ministry from Mt. Vernon Bible College, and her MA in Biblical Studies from Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center. She serves on the faculty at TCCTC, where she teaches both New and Old Testament studies. top

WfredTFred Thomson currently serves on the Board of Directors at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center as well as teaching. He operates Thomson Consulting which provides estate planning, personal financial planning and consulting services. He has retired from being the managing partner in Thomson, Brock and Cherry, a public accounting practice in Tallahassee. While with Thomson, Brock and Cherry Fred specialized in forensic accounting in the area of family law and personal financial planning services. Fred has served on the Board of Directors and been President of Easter Seals of Tallahassee, Tallahassee Chapter of the American Red Cross, Live the Life Ministries in Tallahassee, and the Community Foundation of North Florida. He currently serves on the Board of Women’s Pregnancy Center in Tallahassee. Fred is also on the teaching faculty at Wildwood Church (PCA) in Tallahassee. His special areas of interest include community spiritual transformation, restoration of covenant marriage, Biblical conflict resolution, mentoring younger men, and providing biblical financial counsel. top

Dr. Shelley R. Todd has served as the Director of Counseling at Thomasville Road Baptist Church in Tallahassee for over twenty years. Her professional experience includes clinic and hospital
administration, teaching, and working as a therapist for individuals, families and married couples. She is licensed by the National Board of Certified Counselors and is a Florida License Mental Health Counselor. Her M.Div. focus was in Pastoral Counseling; her Ph.D. is in Psychology and Counseling.
Shelley is a published author and popular speaker at conferences and retreats. Click here to see her resume. top

Carlotta Waldmann leads a seminar at TCCTC titled “Adjusting Your Personality Style”. She is also the host of “Cross Walk Talk Radio” internet radio where she offers personal prophetic ministry to callers as well as being on the global teaching team to teach “How to Hear God’s Voice” for Christian Leadership University. After she was ordained as a Minister of Counseling, she began to lead seminars training others to do Restoration Prayer Ministry and prophetic team ministry. She founded Cross Walk Life, Inc. in 2000 and www.NowFaith.TV Ministry Training School online in 2006. Carlotta is certified in personal prophetic ministry with Christian International, Elijah House International and Proclaiming His Word Ministry. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and is a retired RN. top

Joan earned an AB in English and MM in Musicology at FSU, an MA in Philosophy at the University of Delaware, an AbD in Philosophy at Bryn Mawr, attended lectures and audited classes at Oxford for two terms, attended two semesters at Trinity Ambridge, two years at Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando, and one year at Beeson Divinity, Birmingham. Joan is a lifelong student, and served on the Board of TCCTC for several years. She is a fifth generation Tallahasseean. She and her husband Rick have four children, and ten grandchildren. top

jeanW2012Dr. Jean Williams teaches at TCCTC as well as serving as the Academic Advisor. She also coordinates the Training Program which provides requested training for local churches and faith-based groups and assists in developing student, congregational and community outreach and application. Jean worked for the Florida Department for Education for twenty years in both K-12 and teacher education as well as being the program director for In-service Staff. She holds a Ph.D. in Human Systems from Florida State University, an M.S. in Guidance and Counseling and a B.S. in Biology from Florida A & M University. top

Jackie WilsonJacklyn (Jackie) Wilson, an educator, taught in Indiana public schools and at Clemmons
Christian Academy in Clemmons, North Carolina. As a college admissions officer she has been responsible for training professional and support staff. Her teaching career also includes training Deacons at Agape Faith Church in Clemmons, North Carolina, New Believers class, Teaching Teachers class, Gifts of the Holy Spirit class, and Prayer seminars at Faith and Victory Family Worship Center in Mocksville, North Carolina. She holds a B.S. in Education from Manchester College in North Manchester, Indiana, and an M.S. from Indiana University. Her lifelong interest in history has led her to teach Church History at TCCTC starting in the Spring of 2017. top

Seminar/Workshop Instructor

frankie_allenFrankie Allen is a playwright and freelance conference coordinator and has taught courses at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center and various churches in the region for many years. Her Bible-based course on the Ministry of Angels touches on the origin and creation of different types of heavenly beings and the nature and functions of angels. She also teaches on our relationship with these heavenly beings and their relationship with God. top

SherryASherry Anderson has led Writers Aglow since 2007, instructing and encouraging writers. She has published three nonfiction books, Rising From Defeat: The Overcomer’s HandbookMy Memory Serves Me Well, the memoir of a Holocaust survivor, and Todd Byrd: From Prison to Pulpit. She is a freelance editor and teaches life-story writing as an adjunct professor at Gulf Coast State College. Teaching the craft of writing and encouraging writers is her passion. top

Mickey is actively retired from 45 years of coaching. Mickey was a part of Bear Bryant’s first two National Championship teams at Alabama, and also won a national championship as head coach at West Alabama. He then finished his career with two more National Championships as defensive coordinator at Florida State University. top

T. Argersinger·       MMEd from Florida State University (emphasis on music, arts and education)
·       30+ years of professional experience as a musician, arts instructor, worship leader, show director & producer, and as a teacher of philosophy, theology and history from a Biblical worldview.
·       Artistic/Musical Director of LETOUR, a multi-arts performing group specializing in bridging into culture with excellent art that communicates genuine compassion and the hope that is found only in Jesus Christ.
·       High School Faculty and former Headmaster at Community Christian School, specializing in History, Philosophy and Biblical Studies.
·       CEO of BALTUS, a company dedicated to training people to “connect life in God with life in the world”. top

JimPatBanksJim and Pat Banks founded House of Healing Ministries and established the Healing Rooms of The Swannanoa Valley. Through House of Healing Ministries they travel the Southeastern states helping churches, large and small, house churches, and home Bible studies become equipped to serve the growing inner healing and deliverance needs of their congregations and communities. Jim previously worked in the private sector as an electrical design engineer and then in sales and marketing management with several manufacturers of electrical measurement and control systems and devices. top

Donald R. “Ray” Bardill, Ph.D., joined the faculty of TCCTC in the fall semester 2017. He brings the experience of a full career in teaching, research and oversight of social work as a discipline and clinical practice in social work services to individuals, couples, families, and groups. He is professor emeritus in the School of Social Work at Florida State University, where he also served as dean for 15 years.
Dr. Bardill’s long history of service to the community is capped by his appointment to the National Commission on Child and Family Welfare by the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Interspersed among his extensive academic writings on family are those in faith-based publications: “Basic Values for Family Living,” in The Lutheran Woman’s Quarterly, “Christ-Centered Fathering”  and “Father as Spiritual Leader” in Reconnections, and his book Thank God I’m a Teenager for Augsburg Press. top

M. BarringtonA native of Tallahassee, Florida, Mich’ele Joye Barrington has been active in music and the arts since she was a little girl.  She is a life-long member of Metropolitan Cathedral of Truth, where she serves as a worship leader, collegiate cell group leader, and band member. As a young girl who loved to sing, she learned to play the piano at age 9. Her true musical talents were truly recognized by the age of 10. Mich’ele was obviously impassioned to study music in college. She earned a B.A. degree in Choral Music Education from Florida State University, and has served as a teacher and music director for the past eight years. Mich’ele Joye is also pursuing her career as an independent Christian artist. In addition to her many responsibilities, some of the most important to her are her commitment to pleasing Christ, supporting her family, and empowering others through music. Mich’ele enjoys working to better herself as a teacher, leader, musician, songwriter, and producer. Her deepest desire is to inspire others to plan, prepare and invest now for what they want to do later in life. “Do something each day that moves you closer to achieving what God has placed in your heart to do.” top

Marjorie R Beasley_2016Beasley-Final LH4U LogoMarjorie and her husband, Sr. Pastor Jim Beasley of Meridian Woods Church of Christ, have worked in the ministry together for over 30 years. In their years of doing the Lord’s work in various churches, she has served as a Nursery Coordinator, Sunday School/Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning Ladies Bible Teacher, Ladies Day/Retreat Speaker, Lads-to-Leader Speech Coordinator, Women’s Mentor, Women’s Ministry Leader, and any other role God calls her to fill. Marjorie has a B.S. in Business Administration/Organizational Management and has been certified by the Grief Recovery Institute as a Grief Recovery Specialist.
Marjorie is also a retired Army Master Sergeant with 31 years of service to her country. Instead of on the front line defending our country, most of her time in the Army was spent as a Career Counselor, mentoring and encouraging soldiers and their families, to be their best for their country and for their future.  She has exhibited that same zeal for her sisters and brothers in Christ, as well as, her community: to be the best soldiers of Christ for God and prepare and plan for their future home in Heaven.
Marjorie’s passion for people’s souls and their need for God’s abundance life and joy on Earth led her to start a Grief Recovery ministry, called “A Listening Heart 4U”.  She conducts workshops and study groups to help adults move beyond the pain of grief caused by any loss, as well as, helping them to learn how to help children who grieve.  She has helped numerous individuals since starting the ministry in 2011. It is her constant prayer for God to continue to open doors to help many more grievers and those who love them, find Hope in the midst of despair. top

darwinDarwin is an ordained minister with the Presbyterian Church of America as well as a chaplain with Big Ben Hospice. He has served as a church planner and pastor, doing counseling and preaching in various pulpits in Virginia and Florida. Darwin Box received his M.Div. from Reform Theological Institute. He did undergraduate work in Psychology and Sociology at Columbus State University and Augusta State University as well as business administration at Oglethorpe University. Darwin is a military veteran of the United States Navy having served in Vietnam. top

Beth Burns, Good Samaritan Network-Chelsea House Board Member-Director and Co-Founder
Formerly an elementary school teacher with office management and hospital social services background, Beth accrued skills which has enabled her to develop programs for needy and hurting people. Beth and her husband Glenn, have six adopted children and have eight grandchildren. Beth, and her husband Glenn’s, home church is Christian Heritage Church, Tallahassee. Beth serves Good Samaritan Network-Chelsea House as Director of Women Programs. She testifies, “It’s been a life-long journey of discovering who I am in Christ and living up to my potential to serve Him. I have always been drawn to help needy and hurting women and children.”top

Glenn Burns, Good Samaritan Network-Executive Director and Co-Founder
In 1999 Glenn left his business career to pursue full-time vocational ministry. He has served on pastoral staff at various local churches, overseen singles ministry, local nursing home pastor, hospital on-call chaplain, Director of Evangelism for North Florida Baptist Association and Associate Pastor of Benevolence, Missions and Evangelism, Board Member-Big Bend ReEntry Coalition, Board Member RCC/Shelter, and Big Bend ReEntry Board. Glenn currently serves as mentor-Gadsden Correctional. Glenn, and his wife Beth’s, home church is Christian Heritage Church, Tallahassee. In 2005 Glenn helped to open Frenchtown Chapel and Community Center, an inner-city ministry in Tallahassee, Florida, the first of many chapel outreach programs that he would plant. Glenn is co-founder and President of GSN Ministries with a focus on spiritual development.top

kayKay Campbell-Williams currently teaches seminars at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center and is active in missionary work around the globe. She has earned an MA in Biblical Studies as well as the following degrees: MA in International Relations & Strategic Planning, Master of Public Administration, M.S. in Operations Management, and an MA in Human Resource Management. Kay is a retired naval officer. Her specialty while in the armed services was an Education and Training Management Specialist. She has been a Bible instructor for many years and has led Sunday school classes for senior adults. top

colbert_02Pastor Colbert is the founder and president of Resolution and Mediation Services, LLC. He is a retired, Florida Supreme Court Certified County Mediator, with 30 years of experience and service, to the citizens of Florida. While employed with the Florida Commission on Human Relations, he mediated hundreds of cases per year. He has seen first-hand, the devastating consequences of even one allegation of sexual harassment, and what it can do to the reputation, growth and yes…even the financial well-being of churches and businesses alike.
Pastor Colbert (pastor of Citadel of Praise Church of God in Christ) became quite concerned after seeing a great increase of parishioners and employees accusing pastors and/or other church leaders of “sexual harassment”. Realizing his passion for ministry and his press to “cry aloud” to the churches of this devastating “trick of the enemy”, he felt compelled to warn the church of how “business as usual” could lead to trouble, even to those with the greatest intentions.
The extensive experiences of Pastor Colbert, along with the best knowledge and experience of all the “RAMS” trainers, make this team of professionals uniquely qualified to empower the churches, businesses, and organizations, whose representatives attend “RAMS” workshops, to significantly reduce or eliminate a charge of “sexual harassment. top

eAndlPastor Emory Collier is a pastor of Fire & Hammer International Training Center as well as serving as the Volunteer Chaplain of the Leon Regional Juvenile Detention Center. He is an ordained elder certified teacher of Christ Likeness Training and Prophetic Gifts Training. Emery received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Florida A&M University.
Lessie Collier, also an ordained elder, works alongside her husband at Fire and Hammer International Training Center. She is actively involved in establishing intercessory prayer groups. top

Founder of The Way Church since 2005, Pastor Cleveland Davis III has strong leadership, teaching, organizational, and interpersonal skills, which he uses to save the lost for Jesus Christ and equip church members for ministry. Davis has also been the owner of Faith Life Insurance in Thomasville, GA since 2009.
His education began in the fields of finance and business administration, but quickly shifted to include religious studies that led to earning a Ministry Certificate.
Davis’s employment experience, likewise, spans both the financial administration and ministry worlds. He has shepherded youth, prison inmates, half-way house residents, people battling addiction, and nursing-home residents while working in the financial industry and then running his own business.
For Pastor Davis’s complete resume, click HERE.

talDr. Tal Davis is currently the Executive Vice President of Market Faith Ministries and specializes in interfaith witness. He has more than 35 years of experience training Christians regarding cults and non-Christian world religions. Tal has served as a senior pastor, college instructor, and trainer. He served for 23 years with the Southern Baptist North American Mission Board specializing in training Christians in interfaith evangelism. Tal has been a contributing writer to several books including: Mormonism Unmasked by R. Phillip Roberts with Tal Davis and Sandra Tanner (Broadman & Holman Publishers); Faith Discipleship: FAITH Reaching Out to Cults (LifeWay Press); and Faith Discipleship: FAITH Reaching Out to World Religions (LifeWay Press). He is also a contributing writer to Home Life, Parent Life, Bible Express, The Deacon, and other magazines. Additionally, he has written numerous pamphlets and articles (see: www.marketfaith.org and www.4truth.org). Tal received his D. Min. from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, a M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University. top

The DeansEquipping the Church to place Christ first in mind, soul and spirit is the calling of Michelle Dean.   Married to Dan for 26 years they have 4 children ranging from 7-23 years of age.  Dan and Michelle are active in their local church serving in many capacities such as elders, teachers, praise and worship leaders and trash can emptiers.  Currently Michelle is the Director of Ladies Ministries at Go2Church Tallahassee as well as a rotating leader on their speaker’s board.
Communication of God’s practical and powerful truth is her passion-whether through worship, a speaking platform or having a friend for lunch.  Combining humor, passion and practical impact with the undeniable candor of scripture, Michelle desires to leave her audience with a clear empowerment of what and how to live a life of obedience.
Her career has spanned English education and school administration to sales management to empowering the next generation of voters.  She also teaches apologetics to students from 15-55+ years of age.  Currently combining a business as a educational consultant, she coaches students and professionals on public speaking and image development. top

beckyBecky Dvorak is a missionary, Bible teacher, minister and author. She is the co-founder of LIFE Unlimited Ministries – Guatemala, where she, alongside her husband of more than 33 years, have founded LIFE Homes – Guatemala for children that have been orphaned, abandoned and born infected with the HIV Virus. Becky also ministers at DARE to Believe Healing Schools, Services, Seminars and Conferences. She has resided with her husband in Guatemala, Central America as Mutual Faith Ministries, Int’l missionaries since 1994. top

arrietArriet currently instructs an eighteen week introductory theology course at her church on the Foundations of Christian Doctrine. She has worked with adolescents and teens as well as serving as a volunteer at a crisis pregnancy counselor. She earned her Master’s degree in Religion with a concentration in Biblical Studies from Liberty University and her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Psychology from Florida State University. top

alloydiceAlloydice Gaines is a Mental Health Counselor, Substance Abuse-HIV/AIDS Counselor, a member of the Graduate Chapter of Beta Delta Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho, Inc., Jake Gaither Life Skills Facilitator and Mentor (C.H.O.I.C.E.S.), and a volunteer in Leon County Schools. She is also District Trainer and Coordinator of Evangelism for the North West District of Florida, FGBCFI, serves with “Flow Word” prayer lines, and FGBCI State Workshop Leader. Alloydice has presented a host of trainings/ presentations and currently serves as an Elder at Innovation Baptist Church after being ordained in 2007. Along with serving as an elder, Alloydice also serves as a teacher for the Ministry of Christian Education, Interim Servant-Leader of Missions and Evangelism Ministry, Assistant Servant-Leader of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry and Armor Bearer’s Ministry. top

markMark Geppert is the President and founder of the South East Asia Prayer Center, which is committed to creating new and networking existing prayer cells in South East Asia. He has taught leaders in Latin America, China, India, and Europe and throughout the U.S. His radio and television experience has made him noted as a “master communicator.” top

tTom Gillan is Director of the PSU Management and Training Group. He developed and implemented the FIND Program (Families In Need of Direction), an educational program for at risk youth and their parents, and manages the Central Florida Police Stress Unit. He is a certified law enforcement trainer and has assisted with curriculum development for subjects including Human Trafficking Awareness Training, Law Enforcement Stress, Trauma, and Suicide Awareness, and Workplace Violence Prevention and Crisis Response. Tom has a degree in Broadcast Communication and worked as a radio announcer and news reporter in Washington, D.C. and Central Florida. As a media consultant he created and produced marketing plans for various clients. He is currently perusing a Florida State Certification in Addiction Recovery and Christian Counseling. top

Doug GingerichChaplain Douglas Gingerich is a Chaplaincy Services Specialist with the Florida Department of Corrections.  After graduating from Hesston College in 1977 he worked in the construction business for 15 years.  In 1991 he became involved in prison ministry as a volunteer.  Two years later he went back to the Florida Baptist Theological College finish his degree to become a state prison chaplain.  Chaplain Gingerich has been assigned at Liberty CI, Apalachee CI, Washington CI, Gulf CI and Wakulla CI since 1993.  In 2001 he moved to the Florida Department of Corrections Central Office in Tallahassee where he works as the State Programs Chaplain.   Doug has been married for 39 years to Marilyn and they have four children and 7 grandchildren.  They live in Tallahassee, Florida and attend Berean Christian Fellowship Church where Doug is currently serving as the Pastor. top

judithJudith Hawkins served as a Leon County Judge in Tallahassee, FL. When elected in 1996, she was the first African-American to be elected to that position. Hawkins was selected as the Tallahassee Democrat’s 28th Anniversary Volunteer of the Year for Education, 2006, and recognized as the 2008 Outstanding Mentor at Appalachee Elementary School. Hawkins has combined her passion for travel and service to do international mission trips. She helped build a school in Costa Rica and has conducted evangelistic campaigns in Kenya, Dominican Republic, Taiwan, Romania, Mongolia, Papua, Indonesia, Mexico, and Brazil. She has also served in Haiti. top

rogerCHRoger Hughs, an ordained minister and church planter, is currently serving as Chaplain of a new halfway house in Tallahassee, FL as well as being an intenerate missionary. He has been involved in training events in Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Haiti, Russia and most of the Eastern bloc countries. He began his missionary career in the Philippines where he was the director of an evangelism and church planting ministry after graduating from Taylor University. top

Rev. Dayle Isted has been the Associate Pastor of Children’s Ministries at Thomasville Road Baptist Church since 2005. She oversees all aspects of Christian Education from training teachers and selecting curriculum; through parent/child dedications, special events and VBS; to developing budgets and participating in the overall vision and ministry of the church. Dayle has taught school, earned a Master’s in Education and devoted over twenty years to children’s ministry.  Dayle is married to Steve Isted, has two sons David and Alan, two beautiful daughters-in-law Kathryn and Amber, and four remarkable grandchildren.

Brenda Jarmon Ph.D. "Dr. B.J"Dr. Jarmon is a retired Professor and former Department Chair of Social Work at Florida A&M University, who is better known as “Dr. BJ”. She is an international and national educational consultant, motivational speaker, and life coach who has addressed a wide array of audiences within various assemblies in colleges, universities, and public schools across the U.S., Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. Her accomplishments are as follows:
Proud graduate of the U.S. Labor Department’s Job Corps program receiving her GED along with a typing certificate.
·       Attended the Upward Bound program of West Virginia State College
·       Graduated from Wesley College in Dover, DE with an A.A. as well as inducted in the college’s Alumni Hall of Fame.
·       Received both B.S. and M.S.W degrees from Delaware State College.
·       Received the PhD degree from Florida State University, where she taught in the College of Social Work for several years.
In addition to being an educator, Dr. Jarmon is noted in several mainstream magazines – Women’s Day, Time, Jet, Women in Community Service, Style and the Tallahassee Magazine. Furthermore, she has co-authored her first book entitled Letters from the Future: Linking Students and Teaching with DIVERSITY of Everyday Life and currently writing the first of a trilogy of her life testimony. top

Kimberly Johnson cropped imageKimberly Johnson is the founder of Watchmen Arise International based in Auburndale, Florida. Training, activating and networking today’s prayer army to fight the battles of tomorrow is the heart of this ministry.
Kimberly is the author of the book Preparing for Battle: Developing the Lifestyle of a Victorious Prayer Warrior and teaching materials for personal and group study, too. She is a prophetic worship leader who has written many songs and recorded several albums.
She is a member of Global Spheres, Inc., Glory of Zion Ministries of Zion, Revelation 22 Ministries, Strategic Prayer Action Network and Christian Harvest Apostolic Network. Kim is ordained through Glory of Zion International and commissioned as an apostle to intercessors through Global Spheres, Inc. and Christian Harvest International, Inc. She currently serves as Florida leader for the Strategic Prayer Action Network led by Greg and Becca Greenwood. Kim has served as southeast regional apostle and Florida state leader for both the Reformation Prayer Network and Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network. top

Ken KniepmannKen is the Executive Director for the John Paul II Healing Center.  He has over 25 years’ experience in entrepreneurial organizations in the financial, insurance and human resource industries.  His extensive ministry experience includes teaching apologetics, retreat presenter and volunteer youth ministry.
Ken has been married for more than 20 years to his wife Sharon and they have two children.
He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and a Masters in Counseling from St. Louis University. top

bevLBev Lewis is currently involved in performing, and teaching others to perform, the lively and life-changing spiritual discipline of Biblical Storytelling by searching and researching the text and then embodying the very words of Scripture. She is also a classically-trained professional actor and has worked as a waitress, news anchor, member of the Governor’s Press Office, maker of documentaries for PBS, receptionist and the Creative Services Manager of Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. top

bevDruLBeverly Dru Lewis, owner of LifePoint, has a strong background in communications and marketing. She has worked as a professional sales leader, independent sales agent, sales and marketing director and professional speaker. With this vast experience Beverly has the ability to plan, create, organize and implement resourceful approaches to tasks and situations. top

mmahoneyMark currently serves as a member of the KAIROS prison ministry for the Jefferson County Correctional Facility. He has successfully completed a M.Div. in Apologetics at Luther Rice Seminary in Atlanta Georgia. His primary focus was on the philosophical debates surrounding theism and Christ involving His life and resurrection along with parts of His ministry while He was here as man. Mark also has earned a degree in Finance from Florida State University. top

herbHerb McRae currently serves on the Board of Directors at the Center for Biblical Studies as well as teaching a seminar on the Beatitudes. He has been fascinated with the Beatitudes since surrendering his life to Christ and has written the book The Truth Revealed in the Eight Beatitudes. Herb is a long-time resident of Tallahassee and a former business owner in partnership with his wife, Carol. He is a member of Good Samaritan United Methodist church and enjoys serving his church in a variety of ways. He leads a weekly Bible study for his Good Samaritan home group and is involved in two small study groups for men. top

Dan NaseChaplain Dan Nase has been a Missionary to the Hispanic community for over 30 years;  He served as Missionary in Mexico City, Mexico for 15 years and he has devoted the last 15 years to the those Hispanics incarcerated in the prisons of North Florida.  Dan had a wonderful conversion in June of 1979 at the age of 35 and he has not wasted anytime getting out into the mission field fighting for souls in these last days.  Dan is an evangelist at heart and thanks God for allowing him to bring the Good News to thousands both in Spanish and English.
Dan is now concentrating in teaching those who are serving 15 to life in “How to Win in Spiritual Warfare” and “The Bondage Breaker,” a book authored by Neil T. Anderson. He states that his greatest achievement so far in life is his 49 years of marriage to Marilyn, a wonderful partner in ministry. top

WNealBill Neal is President and CEO of Capital Electrical and Security, Inc. and has been a businessman and entrepreneur for many years. He is also a Certified Financial Independent Consultant and Seminar Leader with Financial Independent Network Limited. He received his M.Div. from Harvest Bible University and is studying to be ordained. top

dougOttDoug Ott founded “Fathers in the Infield – It Starts at Home,” an annual community event. After Hurricane Katrina, he served with the Governor’s Commission on Volunteerism (Volunteer Florida), where he launched and marketed a $2 million unprecedented program reimbursing Florida’s churches and non-profit organizations (with FEMA funds), for their assistance to evacuees that came to Florida. He also was the state lead in the response and recovery efforts for Florida’s seniors during the historic 2004 hurricane season. Doug also ministers with his cello and has produced a CD called Cello for the King. top

pamOPam Ousley is an author with two books being published. She is also the founder of Bold Appeals Ministry and is dedicated to reaching out to any individual who is interested in exploring freedom from sexual sin as she herself has enjoyed freedom from 22 years of lesbian identification. In addition to leading the ministry, she is a speaker and professional photographer. top

Kathy PalmerKathy’s experience includes serving as director of spiritual formation at Killearn United Methodist Church, children’s pastor at Christian Heritage, and guidance counselor for various Florida schools. She helped launch Tallahassee Healing Prayer Ministries and North Florida Tres Dias and served on these executive boards; she established the Student Ministries Council at LifePoint Church where she continues to serve in children’s ministries. She team teaches for women’s and children’s retreats. Kathy received her B.S. in English education from Iowa State University and her M.A. in counseling from University of South Florida. top

Tim Perrier has served in the Chaplain’s Office at the Florida House of Representatives for the past 15 years.  He has also worked with high school and college students for over 30 years.
Tim is married to Carol and they have three children and one wonderful daughter in law. top


Bart SchuchtsBart has been involved in ministry for over 25 years and has vast experience across the Body of Christ. His passion is to see the Church come into the fullness of the vast years of History in which She is rooted. Throughout the years Bart has been a youth pastor, a visionary, a coach, and a business manager. Yet, his passion has remained the same since His encounter with the Father over 25 years ago – to love and please God in all that he does.
Bart is an instrumental member of the John Paul II Healing Center and has been part of the ministry visioning with Bob and Ken. Bart is a regular speaker at conferences and retreats, and has a deep passion to see the Father bring transformation into the heart of the Church! Bart helps lead programs preparing prayer ministers, seminarians, priests, lay people, and religious in the work of the new evangelization of the Church.
Bart has been married for over 19 years. He and his wife, Brooke, have four children. top

Bob is the founder of John Paul II Healing Center, Tallahassee, Florida.  He is a nationally renowned speaker, presenter and writer. Bob recently published his first book ‘Be Healed: A Guide to Encountering the Powerful Love of Jesus in Your Life’ which is available for purchase through our store. Bob is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and retired from private practice.  During his time in practice, he integrated the teachings of St. John Paul II and the charism of healing, which he teaches now.
Bob has been married for over 39 years.  He and his wife, Margie, have two married daughters and seven grandchildren.
He holds an undergraduate degree from Columbia University, and a Master and Doctoral degree in Family Relations from the Florida State University.top

mark-schulzRev. Schulz is actually known within the congregation as Pastor Mark.  He has been serving at Epiphany for 8+ years and truly loves the people of Epiphany and sees them as a wonderful gift of God in His life.  Pastor Mark’s passions are God, seeing people grow in their relationship with Jesus, helping people come into a relationship with Jesus, and music. He is a gifted vocalist and guitarist and his talents truly bless Epiphany’s worship.
He is married to the love of his life, Stephanie, has four children and five (soon to be six) grandchildren. Pastor Mark insists there is at least one novel in him (yet to be fleshed out) featuring a courageous Lutheran Pastor who fights against the forces of darkness, and he looks forward to beginning it down the road. His literary skills are currently occupied putting the finishing touches on a 365 day devotional targeted for release by December 2015.top

QuinQuin Sherrer, author and international lecturer, has appeared on more than 300 radio and television programs. She has served on the International and U.S. board of directors for Women’s Aglow Fellowship. Quin earned her B.S. degree in Journalism from Florida State University and attended Bible College in Dallas.top

Ann Smith earned her Associate of Arts degree at Tallahassee Community College in 1973. She is currently at student at Florida State University where she has studied Computer Based On-line Training. Ms Smith’s course on Teaching Elementary Age Children is best described by George Barna’s statement that “churches must begin now to equip children — at the earliest age possible — with Biblical precepts that will protect them from a barrage of worldly ideas and teaching that is hostile to the Biblical world view.” Ms Smith is a great team leader with a servant’s heart and she is a very effective communicator. She helps students know what it takes to be a teacher, how to prepare their environment for teaching, how to plan their class time and how important it is to rely on God and the support of the Christian community. top

violetViolet Beasley Speights currently serves a minister at Christians Temple Church of Faith and Works in Tallahassee, Florida, where she is under the leadership of her husband Bishop Philip Speights, Senior Pastor. Violet is a speaker for women conferences, prayer breakfast meetings and panel discussions. She is certified instructor to teach relationship courses to single adults and youth groups as well as being a certified HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence Counselor. Violet is also the Executive Producer of a stage play and has written an early offenders prevention program for juvenile delinquents.top

Cassie StephensCassie’s experience includes 43 years in public schools teaching young children.  She considered her teaching career her call as well as her job as she brought Jesus to the public arena. Cassie has been active in children’s ministry throughout her life serving as teacher and consultant in various churches. Presently she team teaches at Lifepoint Church in children’s ministry, as well as heads up Life Groups and Women’s Ministry. Cassie received her BS and MS degrees at FSU. top

JstormsJeannette Storms, D. Min., has served as a missionary in Mexico, Zambia (C. Africa), Japan and London (UK) as well as planting two churches and pastoring. Her ministry has carried her to more than 40 nations. She has taught classes on prayer, missions, evangelism, biblical studies and leadership at The King’s University. Jeanette holds a D. Min. degree from Regent University and a MA in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. top

Linda Strickland has worked and served in the healing ministry for over 20 years. She is a published writer, accomplished artist, Bible teacher and conference speaker. She is especially known for sharing the powerful testimony of her own personal journey to healing and freedom.
Linda writes and teaches on a wide range of topics, including: Healing in Relationships, The Power of the Family Blessing, Ministry Burnout, The Four Types of Healing, Identity, and The Healing Power of Forgiveness. Currently, Linda serves on staff at Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center, and her husband Gene (an Anglican Priest) serves with Live the Life as Regional Director of Marriage and Family Programs for Northwest Florida. top

travisTravis Vining is an author, teacher, and inspirational speaker. His recently published book, Transforming Darkness to Light for Giving, will help reader’s better transform tragic events they have experienced in their lives. He also authored The Garden of Miracles – A Journey through the Seven Gardens of Forgiveness. Travis teaches a course in Forgiving and facilitates intensive healing retreats that focus on family of origin issues. Travis lived the real-life horrors of learning his father was a serial killer. He overcame many physical and emotional illnesses that included suppressed memories, paralyzing migraine headaches, crippling back pain, and depression resulting from a tragic family environment that included being raised by a sociopathic father who is now on Florida’s death row. In a search for the truth, this nightmare became an inspirational journey of forgiveness, faith, hope and miracles. top

rayRay Wann, an accomplished businessman, has taught Business by the Book at the Center for Biblical Studies. He is a member of the Service Core of Retired Executives and Civil Air Patrol as well as having received a Certificate of Graduation in Management Training from the Ford Motor Company, Assembly Plant in St. Louis, Missouri. Ray has earned his MA degree in Biblical Studies as well doing graduate work in Commercial Science at Rollins College. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University where he majored in Management. top

Cynthia “Cindy” Wilson earned her B.S., M.S. & Ph.D. from FSU’s Dept. of Family & Child Sciences. Her research interests, publications and presentations center on clergy family life, family stress, family strengths, family life education, and social media. She is also a Certified Family Life Educator.
Currently (2016), Pastor Wilson serves as the Associate Pastor of Outreach & Member Development at Thomasville Road Baptist Church. Her ministry experience spans nearly twenty years and three states.
At the same time, Dr. Wilson is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Montevallo in Montevallo, Alabama. She has been honored with numerous academic awards. top

denaDena Woodburn currently leads a seminar at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center on prayer. She is also a Bethel Bible teacher. Many people describe Dena as a “mighty woman of prayer”. Dena completed two years at Florida State University. She attended Landon High School in Jacksonville after spending the first years of life in Cuba. top

Faculty Emeritus

mPettyFather Michael Petty currently serves as an associate rector at St. Peter’s Anglican Church where he has served since it was founded. He is the author of A Faith That Loves the Earth: The Ecological Theology of Karl Rahner, published by the University Press of America. During his twenty plus years of ordained ministry, he has served a large suburban congregation, a campus ministry at a medical school and a hospital chaplaincy. Michael earned his Ph. D and M. Div. from Vanderbilt University and his B.A. from Austin College. top

allenRossDr. Allen P. Ross is currently a professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School, Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He has authored commentaries on Proverbs and Leviticus, as well as Creation and Blessing: A Guide to the Study and Exposition of Genesis. He also assisted in translating the Living Bible and the New King James Bible. His articles have appeared in Biblical Viewpoint, Bibliotheca Sacra, and Kindred Spirit as well as contributing to the Bible Knowledge Commentary, the Christian Life Bible, and the Biblical Hebrew Handbook. Dr. Ross was on the faculty at Dallas Theological Seminary and at The Graduate School of Bob Jones University. He earned his Th.M. and Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary, his Ph.D. from St. Johns College of Cambridge University and studied at Winona Lake School of Theology after receiving his B.A. from Bob Jones University. top