Where Character is Developed with Intellect

Our Mission is to provide students with a strong foundation in the Word of God, support and extend the ministry of the local church, and build edifying relationships across the body of Christ.

Our Statement of Faith
We believe in God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Sovereign over all that is, was, and is to be.
We believe the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, and we are dedicated to teaching the truth of the Scriptures.
We believe Jesus Christ is fully God, fully man, and the only way of salvation.

Our Core Values:

Christ-Centered and Biblically-Based
We are dedicated to following Jesus and basing all our teaching on the Word of God.

We are committed to daily prayer with and for each other, following the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Unity with Diversity
TCCTC is cross-denominational and culturally diverse at every level. Our passion is to see God’s people unified around the truth of the Gospel.

Education for Transformation
We believe every follower of Jesus is in full-time ministry, whether in the church, home, workplace, or community. We are committed to helping all our students discover God’s purpose for their life then equip them to fulfill that purpose.

TCCTC is devoted to maintaining a loving Christian environment where every student is valued, edified, and strengthened in their faith.

Life-Long Learning
We believe all Christians are called to lifelong education, training, and spiritual formation. As an accredited school, TCCTC provides resources and programs for both degree seeking students and those learning for personal growth.