Admissions Staff

Welcome to our family!

When beginning a program of study students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to design a program that meets both institutional requirements and individual needs.  This meeting will include a discussion of academic workloads, programs, and the student’s long-range goals.

Jackie Kinsey

As our Registrar and Student Adviser, Jackie Kinsey can assist you with all of these things and more; including registration information and tuition options. Call (850) 513-1000 to schedule an appointment.

Come and See!
Prior to the fall and winter/spring semesters Tallahassee Christian College holds an open house that is open to the community and includes an orientation for new and returning students.  During orientation, students have the opportunity to meet faculty and staff, familiarize themselves with school standards and our campus, receive academic advisement, gain knowledge of study programs and study aids, financial counseling, scholarships, and register for classes.

Campus Information
1717 Hermitage Blvd. Suite 102     (in Hermitage Office Park)
Tallahassee, FL 32308

Main Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday, 9am – 5pm
Library Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9am – 5pm
Academic Adviser’s Hours:  By Appointment