Christian Apologetics: Arguments for God (MIN 331/431 or THE 306/506)


Christian Apologetics: Arguments for God (MIN 331/431 or THE 306/506), taught by Mark Mahoney, M.Div., 15 Tuesday evenings starting 1/15/19.



In this class we are going to unpack the scientific as well as philosophical arguments for the existence of God, His eternality, sovereignty, and God as the uncaused cause with respect to the physical world and universe in which we exist today.  Everything from time and matter, to the necessity of a master watch maker who had to be outside of the universe and was also necessary for it.  We will explore arguments for, as well as against, and sharpen your ability to use these tools and information as you propagate the Gospel. 

Instructor: Mark Mahoney, M.Div.

(MIN 331/431 or THE 306/506)

15 Tuesday evenings, 1/15–4/23

$209 for personal growth
$375 for 3 undergraduate credits
$435 for 3 graduate credits

Required texts: Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig ISBN 9781433501159, Unshakeable Foundations by Norman Geisler ISBN 978-0764224089, Jesus’ Resurrection: Fact or Figment?: A Debate Between William Lane Craig & Gerd Ludemann edited by Paul Copan & Ronald K. Tacelli ISBN 9780830815692