Becoming a Whole Person (THE316 CNS313) Fall 2019


Becoming a Whole Person, taught by Lowell Jackson, M.A., 9 Thursdays starting 10/10/19



How did God design me?  What is my purpose?  What is the effect of the fall?  What is the significance of regeneration?  What are the different functions of body, soul, spirit, conscience, heart, mind, will, and emotion?  What is the difference in transformation, sanctification, conformation, glorification, regeneration, salvation, and renewing? Join us as we discover the answer to these questions and more!

(THE316 or CNS313)

Instructor: Lowell Jackson, M.A.

9 Thursdays: October 10 – November 21 and December 5–12

$139 for audit/personal growth
$250 for 2 undergrad credits and/or 25 CEUs
$290 for 2 graduate credits and/or 25 CEUs
$250 for 25 CEUs