Bible Genealogy and Chronology –2019 Summer (BIB 303/403 or GEO 311/411)


Bible Genealogy and Chronology (BIB303/403 or GEO311/411), taught by David Hull, M.Div., Five Thursday evenings starting 6/27/19



Imagine that someone discovered ancient tablets by an unknown person that gave us a genealogical and chronological record that goes back to the very beginnings of humanity. The world would hail that as one of the greatest archaeological finds ever. We already have that and much more in God’s inspired Word. In fact, of the resources available around the world, only the Bible contains a chronology of events prior to a few hundred years B.C. Genealogy and chronology are inseparably linked in Scripture and are very worthwhile areas of Bible study. These two subjects provide a skeleton for the body of Scripture and serve the very special purpose of following the steadfast course from Adam to the ultimate destination, the Person of Jesus Christ. Students in this course will learn key concepts and gain intriguing insights to this area of study, diminishing the challenge that is sometimes presented when studying genealogy and chronology.

Instructor: David Hull, M.Div.

BIB 303/403 or GEO 311/411

5 Thursday evenings: June 27 & July 11–August 1

$79 for personal growth
$135 Bachelor’s 1 undergrad credit
$155 Master’s 1 graduate credit

Bring a Bible.

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Biblical Study, Genealogy

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