Bible Geography –2019 Summer (BIB 326/426 or GEOG 300/400)




The events of the Bible occurred in a unique and fascinating area of the world. How often do we come across the names of cities, rivers, mountains, and other places in the Bible without stopping to learn their location, meaning, or pronunciation? It is easy to think that we are not missing important information, or that it would take too much time and effort to find out about sites in Scripture. An understanding of Bible geography is vital to understanding the rest of the Bible. Learning about the features and terrain of the Bible lands can be a surprisingly enjoyable and exciting adventure! In this course we will use a variety of media to become more familiar with Bible places, their characteristics, and their implications for understanding Scripture. Students will also learn about available resources that can make their own personal study easier and more rewarding. We will begin with a general overview, continue with a look at major locations, and conclude with a focus on the key city of Jerusalem.

Instructor: David Hull, M.Div.

BIB 326/426 or GEOG 300/400

5 Thursday evenings: May 23–June 20

$69 for personal growth
$125 Bachelor’s 1 undergrad credit
$145 Master’s 1 graduate credit

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Biblical Study, Geography

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a- Personal Growth, b- Undergrad Credit, c- Graduate Credit