Christian Apologetics Creation — 2019 Summer (MIN 362/462 or THE 307/407)


Christian Apologetics: Creation, Taught by Mark Mahoney, M.Div., 5 Tuesday evenings beginning 5/21/19

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From the very utterance of the words, Let there be light, God has demonstrated His power in both what can be seen as well as the unseen. In this course we will explore the creation account and dive into old-earth versus young-earth philosophies. Everything from radiation echo to instant geological events that reshape our topography and natural landscape that now shed light on events such as the great flood and the physiology of man before and after the flood. The physical world around us is a better record keeper than we think.

Instructor: Mark Mahoney, M.Div.

MIN 362/462 or THE 307/407

5 Tuesday evenings: May 21–June 18

$69 for personal growth
$125 Bachelor’s 1 undergrad credit 
$145 Master’s 1 graduate credit

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Ministry, Theology

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