Introduction to Christian Counseling (CNS 335/535) Winter/Spring 2019


Introduction to Christian Counseling (CNS 335/535) Winter/Spring 2019, taught by Bob Garment, M.Div., 15 Tuesday mornings starting 1/15/19



Christian Counseling can include a range of skills from peer-based life coaching to professional clinical care. In this course we will focus on understanding how God has designed us with the inherent need for relationship with Him and with other people. The course will explore the common causes for spiritual and relational issues as well as the tools and skills necessary to overcome personal and relational brokenness.

Instructor: Bob Garment, M.Div.

(CNS 335/535)

Fifteen Tuesdays, 1/15/19–4/23/19

$219 for personal growth 
$385 for 3 undergraduate credits &/or 37 CEUs
$445 for 3 graduate credits &/or 37 CEUs

Materials included.

TEXTS: The Search for Significance, 2003 edition, Robert S. McGee,  (available on Kindle edition). 


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