Helping the Homeless, Hurting, and Hopeless (CNS375 MIN375) Fall 2019


Helping the Homeless, Hurting, and Hopeless, taught by Glenn and Beth Burns, 9/7/19.



When you encounter a homeless or needy person, how do you respond? This seminar will give you tools and resources to address their need and yours. The various services available in our community to help those in need and a resource guide will be provided. Also included is a survey of laws pertaining to the homeless community.

(CNS375 or MIN375)

Instructors: Glenn and Beth Burns, Directors, Good Samaritan Network

Saturday, September 7, 2019
9:30AM –1:30PM

$29 for .25 credits and/or 5CEUs
May also be taken for personal growth at the same tuition.