Hermeneutics: Scriptural Interpretation (BIB 322/522)


Hermeneutics: Scriptural Interpretation, taught by Gilbert Crosby, D. Min., 15 Monday evenings starting 1/14/19.



This course is an introduction to the interpretation of the Bible. Reliable principles for the study of interpretation and application of Scripture are presented and integrated into a biblical theology perspective.            

Instructor: Gilbert Crosby, D. Min.

(BIB 322/522)

15 Mondays:  1/14 & 1/28-4/29

$209 for personal growth
$375 for 3 undergraduate credits
$435 for 3 graduate credits         

Required texts:  How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth (4th ed.) by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart, ISBN 0310517826, and a reference or study Bible in a modern translation such as CSB, RSV, ESV, or NASB.

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