How to Memorize Scripture BIB424/624


How to Memorize Scripture, #BIB424/624, 11/17/18, taught by David Hull, M.Div., fall seminar

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Taught by David Hull, M.Div.

There is more to learning than memorizing, but memorizing is essential to the learning process.  As disciples of the Master Teacher, there is much about the Christian life that involves learning and remembering.  It is most useful for Bible students, and preachers and teachers to have a quick and accurate recall of Scripture references, memory verses, and much more.  This course is designed and intended to be immensely practical.  We will give careful attention to obstacles, principles, attitudes, skills, tools, and many other matters that affect our success at memorizing.  The instructor’s personally-designed, color-coded system will be presented.

NOTE REVISED DATE: Saturday, November 17; 9AM–4PM


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