Learn and Teach the Bible with METACOLORS –2019 Summer (BIB 321/521 or MIN 312/512)


Learn and Teach the Bible with METACOLORS, taught by David Hull, M.Div., 5 Monday evenings beginning 7/1/19



METACOLORS is a simple, unified system for carrying out multiple tasks. It can be used to memorize, organize, analyze, visualize, write, speak, clarify, highlight, and display information. It will enhance your study aids, papers, lists, presentations, tables, charts, diagrams, posters, handouts, and other teaching materials in a meaningful way. Developed by the instructor, it is especially intended for learning and teaching the Bible in a unique and exciting way.

(BIB 321/521 or MIN312/512

Instructor: David Hull, M.Div.

Five Mondays: July 1–29, 2019
6:00 – 8:30 PM

$79 for personal growth/audit
$135 for 1 undergrad credit
$155 for 1 graduate credit
Materials included.