Marriage: The State of Our Union –Saturday AM 2019 Summer (CNS 469)


Marriage: The State of Our Union, taught by Darrel Hope and Sheree Hope, M.A., 5 Saturday mornings beginning 5/25/19



Successful marriages cannot exist without true application of the Word of God. Because of childhood influences and personal experiences, there are times we may not be operating under the influence of the Holy Spirit and Scripture. This course offers relationship education and tools — training you to help believing married couples confront and conquer common relationship issues that threaten unity. This course is perfect for counseling students, those interested in relationship ministry, and personal growth.
NOTE: Some on-line class participation is required.

Instructors: Darrel Hope and Sheree Hope, M.A.

CNS 469

5 Saturday mornings: May 25–June 22

$79 for personal growth
$135 Bachelor’s 1 undergrad credit and/or 12 CEUs
$155 Master’s 1 graduate credit and/or 12 CEUs
Includes workbook fee.

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