New Testament Greek 1-B LANG 412B/612B


New Testament Greek I-B (LANG 412B/612B), taught by David Hull, M.Div., 15 Tuesday evenings starting 1/15/19.

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This course is the second half of first-year New Testament Greek. It will cover: basic concepts, forms, functions, tools, and approaches useful in learning the language; identification and presentation of the most common vocabulary words; guided reading in class of the first portion of the Gospel of John in Greek; and coverage of the verbal system, including participles and infinitives.  The goal is to equip the student for a basic understanding of the Greek New Testament.  By the end of this semester one should be able to read approximately 90% of the Greek New Testament.
Pre-requisite: New Testament Greek 1-A.  

Instructor: David Hull, M.Div.

(LANG 412B/612B)

15 Tuesday evenings, 1/15–4/23

$209 for personal growth
$375 for 3 undergraduate credits
$435 for 3 graduate credits.          

Required texts:  Essentials of New Testament Greek, Ray Summers ISBN 978-08054410013 ISBN 0805410015, and a Greek New Testament (preferably United Bible Societies, 3rd or 4th edition; NOT Modern Greek).

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Credit or Personal Growth?

a- Personal Growth, b- Undergrad Credit, c- Graduate Credit