Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (BIB445) Fall 2019


Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, taught by Kent Young, 5 Mondays starting 11/11/19

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Paul summarizes his epistle to the Romans in 1:16, but what exactly does he mean when he calls the gospel “The power of God for salvation”?  Why does Paul mention that he is not ashamed of it?  What is the significance of its being first for the Jew and then also for the Greek? These and more questions are explored in this intensive, yet immensely practical study. 


Instructor: Rev. Kent Young,  Author

5 Mondays: November 11 – December 9
6:00 – 8:30 PM

$69 for audit/personal growth
$125 for 1 undergrad credit
$145 for 1 graduate credit