Share Your Faith –2019 Summer (BIB 551 or MIS 551) (June 22)


Share Your Faith, seminar taught by David Parrish, Director, International School of Theology & Leadership, Saturday 6/22/19



Learn how to open doors through natural conversations that sow seeds and reap eternal fruit. This interactive workshop is designed to relieve the stress that is often associated with our mandate to fulfill the Great Commission, and will include ways we can live out the Great Commission in our various occupations and stations in life.

Instructor: David Parrish, Director, International School of Theology & Leadership.

BIB 551 or MIS 551

Saturday, June 22

$25 for personal growth
$49 for .5 credit

NOTE: This same seminar is also being offered on Saturday, July 20. To register for it on that date, please click HERE.

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Credit or Personal Growth?

a- Personal Growth, e- Undergrad/Graduate credit


Biblical Study, Missions