Sure Footing for Troubled Times (MIN 448 or BIB 323)


Sure Footing for Troubled Times (MIN 448 or BIB 323), taught by  Mark Geppert, Founder SEAPC, Friday evening 3/15/19 & Saturday morning 3/16/19



In this seminar Mark will give practical advice for growing in Jesus daily, biblical principles for how to live in troubling times, and excellent biblical scholarship — including translations of key words from their original Greek or Hebrew.

Instructor: Mark Geppert, Founder SEAPC

(MIN 448 or BIB 323)

Friday evening AND Saturday morning
Fri., March 15, 7-9pm
Sat., March 16, 9:30am–1:30pm

$25 for personal growth
$49 for .5 credit

Suggested text: Stepping Stones, Sure footing For Troubled Times by Mark Geppert. ISBN 981-4138-03-7

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Credit or Personal Growth?

a- Personal Growth, b- Undergrad Credit, c- Graduate Credit