The Book of Revelation –2019 Summer (BIB 266/466)


The Book of Revelation, taught by Mark Mahoney, M.Div., 5 Tuesday evenings beginning 6/25/19



Welcome to the mysterious revelation provided directly from Christ to the Apostle John on the Island of Patmos. What is John telling us? What do the seven churches represent? With everything that is happening now, where are we in an eschatological sense? It is amazing to know that there is more in the bible about Jesus’ second coming than His first. In this course we will go through Revelation and see what we can piece together.

Instructor: Mark Mahoney, M.Div.

BIB 266/466

5 Tuesday evenings: June 25–July 23

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$125 Bachelor’s 1 undergrad credit
$145 Master’s 1 graduate credit

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