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11/18/2018Student Tutorial for TCCTC CONNECTThis course helps students get ready to participate in the online portions of classes at TCCTC. Students proceed at their own pace and move on to new activities as they master the previous ones.Begin any time. Work at your own pace.Sue Isaac, TCCTC Library Coordinator$0.00training
11/18/2018Basics for Faculty about using TCCTC CONNECTThis tutorial contains resources that explain the basic functions of TCCTC CONNECT for faculty use.Self-pacedSue Isaac, TCCTC Library Coordinatortraining
03/23/2019Writer's Conference (MIN 507)This one-day conference is designed to help writers get started, prepare for full writers conferences, and find direction for their stories and careers. If you have a desire to write, but feel as if a full writer's conference might be too much at this point, you don't want to miss this opportunity. 1 SaturdaySerious Writer, Inc. ministryministry saturday seminar writing
02/16/2019Discipleship and Servant Leadership (MIN 548)Are you ready to become a more effective disciple and servant leader? This highly interactive seminar addresses a spiritual approach to discipleship and servant leadership. Explore new and innovative ways for teaching and training, while incorporating relevant Scripture. 1 SaturdayBJ Jarmon, Ph.D., $25.00$49.00ministryministry saturday seminar ws2019
02/21/2019Starting a Faith-Based, Non-Profit Organization (Business) (MIN 351)Anyone who has thought about starting a nonprofit organization and obtaining federal income tax exemption has probably discovered that the process is not always simple or straightforward. Seminar topics include: Biblically based principles, business principles, community awareness, public exposure, resource development, fundraising, bookkeeping and administration, board membership, insurance and legal procedures. 1 ThursdayMark Anthony, Founder SEFB$15.00$25.00ministry25-credit ministry seminar thursday ws2019
02/25/2019Introduction to Public Speaking (MIN 349/549) WS2019Everyone can benefit from improved communication skills. This course is designed for anyone who communicates the Christian message, whether as a Sunday School teacher or layperson. Don't let the fear of public speaking hold you back. You can improve your public speaking skills and gain confidence when speaking before small or large groups. All ages and skill levels welcome. 10 Monday eveningsJoyce Morgan, Ph.D. $149.00$300.00ministry10-week 2-credit ministry monday public-speaking ws2019
03/07/2019What the Bible Says About . . . (BIB 491)There are certain topics that people have strong opinions about — evoking rigorous discussion. What does the Bible say about these subjects? This seminar will offer an examination of the scriptures that speak to four important subjects in our culture today: end of life issues, abortion, sexuality, and women in ministry. It's not about changing opinions, but letting the Bible shape our opinions. 1 ThursdayTravis Boline, D. Min. $15.00$25.00biblicalstudies25-credit biblical-studies seminar thursday ws2019
03/15/2019Sure Footing for Troubled Times (MIN 448 or BIB 323)In this seminar Mark will give practical advice for growing in Jesus daily, biblical principles for how to live in troubling times, and excellent biblical scholarship — including translations of key words from their original Greek or Hebrew.2 daysMark Geppert, Founder SEAPC. , $25.00$49.00biblicalstudies ministry5-credit biblical-studies friday-and-saturday ministry seminar ws2019
03/26/2019Wise Up! A Study of the Wisdom of Proverbs (MIN 231)This study will engage your heart as well as your mind. The primary goal of Wise Up! is to make the Word of God personally meaningful, understanding how the wisdom literature of Scripture applies to your life. It will concentrate on making the necessary connections between theology and practical living. You will see comparisons/contrasts between good and evil, light and darkness, wisdom and foolishness in the book of Proverbs, and gain insight into practically applying Proverbs to your life. 5 Tuesday eveningsWilliam Roth, M.A.$69.00$125.00ministry1-credit 5-week ministry tuesday ws2019
03/28/2019Personal Prayer: One-On-One With God (MIN 305)Through reverent submission, a repentant and teachable heart, and listening ears, we boldly enter into the Holy of Holies to find grace for timely help. We gain understanding of how to build up our most holy faith and pray in the Spirit. We want to be joyful always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances. Find out what is holy and pleasing to God through our spiritual worship, ever being transformed by the renewing of our minds, so that we may be able to test and approve God's will for life's changing events and concerns for our families, our communities and ourselves. In cooperating with God in this most exciting adventure of personal prayer, things happen! 5 Thursday mornings Jackie Bentz, Intercessor $69.00$125.00ministry1-credit 5-week ministry morning thursday ws2019
03/30/2019Church Administration (MIN 319)The purpose of this seminar is to provide a basic knowledge of theology, and the practice of administration within the local church by exploring concepts of leadership and administration. Topics to be addressed will include leadership styles, establishing policy and procedures, human relationships, budgeting, personnel management, and church operations.1 SaturdayRod Harris, Freedom Int.$15.00$25.00ministry25-credit ministry saturday seminar ws2019
04/24/2019Business by the Book (MIN 451)This seminar is a step-by-step presentation of the way a business should be conducted according to God, the Creator of all management rules. Issues of hiring, firing, salaries, and promotions will be discussed from a biblical perspective. Establishing business integrity, along with the tools given in this interactive college course, will help you develop consistent Christ-based decisions as you conduct your business.1 Wednesday Fred Thomson, C.P.A.$75.00$150.00ministry5-credit business ministry seminar wednesday ws2019
04/27/2019Biography as Theology: Discerning God through Life Stories (THE 412)Starting with how our own stories shape how we view God, we will explore how other life stories have influenced the God talk of Christians: William Wilberforce, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King, Jr., Henri Nouwen, Monica Coleman, and Parker Palmer. Through writing, discussion, and other activities we will discover how our story is God's story.1 SaturdayChandra Clark, Ph.D. $15.00$25.00theology25-credit biography saturday seminar theology ws2019

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