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Course TitleStart DateInstructorBrief DescriptionCourse LengthCategoriesTuitionhf:categorieshf:tags
Book of James BIB459 Fall 202011-14-20David Hull, M.Div.The book of James is the first of the “General Epistles.” They are general because they are not addressed to a specific congregation or individual. They are relevant for everyone, in so far as context indicates. In these troublesome times that is especially true for the book of James, which takes up in 1:2-3 with, “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.” This unique book deals with a variety of important issues, such as faith and works, suffering and steadfastness. James gives forthright, valuable nuggets of practical guidance for all Christians. Come join us for a study of this book so appropriate for our times.1 Saturday morning$29.00biblicalstudiesfall2020
Increasing Your Capacity for God (CNS/MIN448) Fall2020 register with code MGfree on the checkout page11-20-20Mark Geppert, founder of SEAPCWe explore the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Promise of the Father, the Promise to Israel, and the key to Abiding Presence. This seminar was given to me in an instant when an Israeli taxi driver said, "This is the Promise Land, but what is the Promise?"1 Friday evening & 1 Saturday morning (on-campus)$29.00christiancounselingorministryfall2020
Basics for Faculty about using TCCTC CONNECT11-30-20Sue Isaac, CONNECT CoachThis tutorial contains resources that explain the basic functions of TCCTC CONNECT for faculty use.Self-paced -- start any timetraining
Faculty Break Room and CONNECT Guide11-30-20Hosted by Sue Isaac, CONNECT CoachFaculty Break RoomOngoing -- Start any time$0.00training
The Way We Function Best: Toward a Greater Understanding of How God Gifted Us (MIN or CNS 453) Fall 202011-05-20Warren E. Becker, Ph.D.Do you realize that, according to Psalm 139, God designed you to function best in a certain way?  This course examines the functional grace gifts listed in Romans 12:3-8 to help you gain a better understanding of how God designed and gifted us.  Learn how to function more efficiently and how to use your grace gifts to bless and serve others. 5 Thursday evenings (on campus), $84.00$160.00christiancounseling ministryfall2020
Student Break Room03-21-20Hosted by Sue Isaac, CONNECT CoachA free online space for students and alumni to CONNECT with each other!Ongoing$0.00miscellaneous
Student Tutorial for TCCTC CONNECT06-10-20Sue Isaac, CONNECT CoachThis course helps students get ready to participate in the online portions of classes at TCCTC. Students proceed at their own pace and move on to new activities as they master the previous ones.Begin any time. Work at your own pace.$0.00trainingnon-credit