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08/28/2018Introduction to Christian Counseling CNS535

Fifteen Tuesdays, 8/28–12/4; 9:30AM–12:00PM

Christian Counseling can include a range of skills from peer-based life coaching to professional clinical care. In this course we will focus on understanding how God has designed us with the inherent need for relationship with Him and with other people. The course will explore the common causes for spiritual and relational issues as well as the tools and skills necessary to overcome personal and relational brokenness.


$219 for personal growth
$365 for 3 semester credits &/or 37 CEUs
Materials included.

TEXTS: The Search for Significance, 2003 edition, Robert S. McGee,  (it is available in a Kindle edition).

Relationships for Life, Richard Marks, Ph.D. (available at Amazon or through instructor). 


Fifteen Tuesday morningsBob Garment, M.Div.$219.00$365.00Christian CounselingFall219
08/27/2018Introduction to the Old Testament BIB 300/600

Fifteen Mondays: 8/27 & 9/10–12/10; 6-8:30PM

The study of the Old Testament is not a dry, once-in-a-lifetime obligation to endure.  It is mining for treasure in an incredibly rich field, and the greatest treasure is the revelation of God Himself.  This course will be a survey of this revelation and will emphasize the mastery of Bible content and structure, knowledge of the historical framework of the biblical period, and basic concepts of biblical interpretation.


$209 for personal growth.
$355 for 3 semester credits.

Fifteen Monday eveningsDavid Hull, M.Div.$209.00$355.00Biblical StudiesFall209
08/28/20181 & 2 Timothy and Titus BIB455-6

Ten Tuesdays: 8/28 – 10/30;  6–8:30PM

These letters from Paul are as up-to-date as this morning’s paper and as Christians we need to understand them more deeply. These books give strategic instruction to the church and are continuing handbooks for leadership.  They include the revelation and deity of Christ Jesus as: the source of grace, mercy, and peace; the Savior who gave Himself a ransom for all; the redeemer and mediator between God and man; and our current hope. The study includes the promises of His return and of the power of the Holy Spirit to maintain a victorious lifestyle patterned after Christ.

#BIB 455-6

$124 for personal growth.
$225 for 2 semester credits.

Bring your Bible. Workbook included.

Ten Tuesday eveningsMargaret Swinger, M.A.$124.00$225.00Biblical StudiesFall124
08/28/2018New Testament Greek 1A LANG412A/612A

Fifteen Tuesdays: 8/28–12/4; 6–8:30PM

This course is the first half of first-year New Testament Greek. It covers basic concepts, forms, and functions. The goal is to equip the student for a basic understanding of the Greek New Testament with a concentration on the Greek nominal (noun) system. By the end of this first semester, one should be able to read approximately 75% of the Greek New Testament.

#LANG 412/612A

Required texts:  Essentials of New Testament Greek by Ray Summers ISBN 978-08054410013 ISBN 0805410015 and a Greek New Testament (preferably United Bible Societies, 3rd or 4th edition; NOT modern Greek).

$209 for personal growth.
$355 for 3 semester credits.


Fifteen Tuesday eveningsDavid Hull, M.Div.$209.00$355.00Biblical LanguagesFall209
08/28/2018The Gifts of the Holy Spirit THE375

Five Tuesdays: 8/28–9/25; 6-8:30PM

This course is an in-depth study of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as they operate and are shown in Scripture. The gifts will be explored from several viewpoints, including the Holy Spirit and how He moves through us to impact and influence the everyday life. The Proper protocol for ministry, both informational and inspirational, will also be discussed.  Participants will also learn to recognize opportunities for practically exercising the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


$59 for personal growth.
$110 for 1 semester credit &/or 12 CEUs

Text: Gifts of the Holy Spirit, by Derek Prince, ISBN: 978-0-8368-291-3



Five Tuesday eveningsPastor Emory Collier$59.00$110.00TheologyFall59
08/30/2018History of the Development and Expansion of the Church HIS455/511

Fifteen Thursdays: 8/30–11/15 and 11/29–12/13; 6–8:30PM

Together we will examine the Judaic roots of the church and its expansion from Pentecost to the present.  We will survey church doctrine and practices as well as the development of each church period. We will cover important Christian events that have shaped history and our faith, and survey the church’s effect on human life.


$209 for personal growth.
$355 for 3 semester credits.

Text: The Story of Christianity, by Justo L. Gonzalez, ISBN# 1-56563-522-1

Fifteen Thursday eveningsJackie Wilson, M.S.$209.00$355.00HistoryFall209
08/30/2018El Evangelio de Juan (The Gospel of John) BIB343

10 Thursdays, 8/30–11/1; 6–8:30PM

Este curso tiene como objetivo explorar y profundizar en el estudio del Evangelio de Juan utilizando diferentes estrategias y recursos academicos. Sera de gran ayuda a todos los creyentes que tienen el privilegio de ministrar la Palabra de Dios a otros mediante la predicacion y los estudios biblicos. Ademas, ayudara a los miembros laicos de las iglesias a tener mayor conocimiento biblico y a crecer y a madurar espiritualmente.


Instructor: Felix Aguayo, Ph.D.

$109 personal growth
$210 2 semester credits


Ten Thursday eveningsFelix Aguayo, Ph.D.$109.00$210.00Biblical Studies109
08/30/20181 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings and 1 & 2 Chronicles BIB373

Fifteen Thursdays: 8/30–12/13;  6–8:30PM

These books comprise six of the twelve books of Old Testament history.  They are extremely relevant for today, largely in a setting of tumultuous times with plenty of political and spiritual ups and downs for the Israelites. These books present challenges for the student of God’s Holy Word, as they are lengthy, complex, and contain difficult chronological issues.  We will seek to unravel difficulties and bring clarity and order to the understanding of this important section of Scripture. 


$209 for personal growth
$355 for 3 semester credits

Fifteen Thursday eveningsDavid Hull, M.Div.$209.00$355.00Biblical StudiesFall209
11/08/2018Helping the Homeless, Hurting, and Hopeless CNS375 MIN375

Thursday, November 8;  9:30AM–1:30PM

When you encounter a homeless or needy person, how do you respond?  This seminar will give you tools and resources to address their need, and yours.  Students will become aware of the various services available in our community to help those in need and a resource guide will be provided.  The seminar will also include a survey of laws pertaining to the homeless community.

#CNS 375/MIN 375

$15 for personal growth
$25 for .25 semester credit &/or 5 CEUs

One ThursdayGlenn & Beth Burns, Good Samaritan Network, $15.00$25.00Christian Counseling, MinistryFall, Seminar15
09/20/2018The Effects of Trauma and How to Deal With It CNS424

Thursday, September 20; 9:30AM–1:30PM

How do you help trauma victims mitigate the spiritual and emotional effects of trauma? In this class you will learn the principles behind each element of The Trauma Prayer and discover how to pray effectively for those who are experiencing or have experienced trauma, and for those who are praying on behalf of others.  You will also find new elements of prayer that will increase your ability to minister to a broader range of presenting issues.


$15 for personal growth
$25 for .25 semester credits &/or 5 CEU’s

Text: The Effects of Trauma and How to Deal With It, by Jim & Pat Banks.  Available at seminar.


One ThursdayJim & Pat Banks, House of Healing Min.$15.00$25.00Christian Counseling15
09/27/2018Walk Thru the Bible Old Testament BIB231

Thursday, September 27; 9:30AM–4:30PM

Do you study the Bible according to your own personal learning style:  visual, auditory or kinesthetic?  Experience a method of learning the Old Testament that incorporates all three learning styles to help you remember various characters and main events.


$17 audit fee includes the Walk Thru the Bible Study Guide.

One ThursdayKay Campbell Williams, M.A.$17.00Biblical StudiesFall, Seminar17
10/04/2018Selecting, Supplementing, and Developing Educational Materials CED451

Thursday, October 4; 9:30AM–1:30PM

Effective biblical education often requires preparation for a particular audience. Increase your teaching skills and learn standards for selecting appropriate materials to teach scripture.  Explore processes for supplementing existing materials and developing basic teaching activities.  We will include discussion of age appropriateness, relevancy and interests.  Activities developed in this course may be included in the Christian Education Certificate project.


$15 for personal growth
$25 for .25 semester credit

Text: Bring your Bible and any materials you want to review in class.

One ThursdayJean Williams, Ph.D.$15.00$25.00Christian EducationFall, Seminar15
10/04/2018Forgiveness CNS 205

Five Thursdays: 10/4–11/1;  6–8:30PM

Forgiveness is a journey that requires effort, time, perseverance and prayer.  This course will equip you with the skills and tools to unleash the power of God’s Word on forgiveness.  We will go on a journey that searches the depths of our souls to break chains and to set the captives free — captives within us and around us.  Together we will experience a new level of living, peace, and joy.

#CNS 205

$64  for personal growth
$115 for 1 semester credit &/or 10 CEUs
Includes all materials.

Text: Bring your Bible.

Five Thursday eveningsJimmie Smith Jones$64.00$115.00Christian CounselingFall64
10/08/2018Introduction to Public Speaking MIN349/549

Ten Mondays: 10/8–12/10;  6–8:30PM

Everyone can benefit from improved communication skills. This course is designed for anyone who communicates the Christian message, whether as a Sunday school teacher or layperson. Don’t let the fear of public speaking hold you back. You can improve your public speaking skills and gain confidence when speaking before small or large groups.  All ages and skill levels are welcome.


$119 for personal growth
$220 for 2 semester credits
All materials provided.


Ten Monday eveningsJoyce W. Morgan, Ph.D.$119.00$220.00MinistryFall119
10/08/2018Helping Me, Helping Others Move Through the Pain of Grief and Loss CNS115/415

Five Mondays: 10/8–11/5; 6–8:30PM

This course teaches an action program for helping people move beyond the pain caused by death, divorce, and other losses, including health, career, and faith.  Students will put into practice, from the head to the heart, the compassionate meaning of 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, “All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort.  He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others.  When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.”  


$59  for personal growth
$110 for 1 semester credit &/or 12 CEUs

Text: Available for $15 the 1st night of class:  The Grief Recovery Handbook, 20TH Edition, by John W. James & Russell Friedman ISBN 978-0-06-168607

Five Monday eveningsMarjorie Beasley, Grief Rec. Spec.$59.00$110.00Christian CounselingFall59
10/12/2018Growing Your Business / Ministry MIN449 MIS449

Friday & Saturday: 10/12&13; Fri. 7–9PM, Sat. 9AM–1PM

Seven principles, when applied, will bring exponential results in the spiritual and financial growth of the ministry or business with which you have been entrusted.  Grow in depth and breadth as you establish your ministry base, develop resources, learn to intercede, and focus on discipleship with a purpose.  The class will include outreach as well as evaluating and sustaining the work you are called to do.

#MIN 449/MIS 449

$25 for personal growth
$49 for .50 semester credit

Suggested Text:  Bridges, by Mark Geppert.  Available at TCCTC or

Fri. eve. & Sat. mornMark Geppert, Founder SEAPC, $25.00$49.00Ministry, MissionsFall, Seminar25
10/18/2018Walk Thru the Bible New Testament BIB230

Thursday, October 18; 9:30AM–4:30PM

Do you study the Bible according to your own personal learning style:  visual, auditory or kinesthetic?  Experience a method of learning the New Testament that incorporates all three learning styles to help you remember various characters and main events.


$17 audit fee includes the Walk Thru the Bible Study Guide.

One ThursdayKay Campbell Williams, M.A.$17.00Biblical StudiesFall, Seminar17
10/18/2018Islam Unveiled MIS451 MIN431

Thursday, October 18; 9:30AM–4:30PM

Islam Unveiled discusses the biblical background of the Middle East crisis, the historic roots of Islam, the fundamental teachings of the different sects, and how Christianity can engage the Islamic community.

#MIS451/MIN 431

$25  for personal growth.  $49 for .50 semester credit

One ThursdayTrent Wheeler, $25.00$49.00Ministry, MissionsFall, Seminar25
10/27/2018Christ in the Constitution: The Biblical Roots of Our Founding Documents HIS315

Saturday, October 27; 9AM–1PM

Explore the influence of Christianity on the founding documents of the United States.  In an era of revisionist history, challenges to the spiritual heritage of America abound.  Students delve into the wording, themes, and source material of the actual documents which formed our nation  and examine the intent and beliefs of the founders in their own words.  Topics include the personal faith of key founders, an analysis of the Biblical themes woven into the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, an introduction to the purpose of the Bill of Rights, and a review of key interpretations of the Constitution.


$15 for personal growth
$25 for .25 semester credit

One SaturdayBob Garment, M.Div.$15.00$25.00HistoryFall, Seminar15
11/01/2018You Are God's Masterpiece: Discovering Your True Identity in Christ CNS438

Thursday, November 1; 9:30AM–4:30PM

We are all born into this world pure and clean, but then something happens.  Dysfunctional families, trauma, suffering, on-going sin, disappointment, incorrect teaching — just to name a few — can have an enormous impact on how we view God, how we see ourselves, and how a false-self is formed.  In this seminar we will explore who God is, who God says we are, and the healing journey back to our true and authentic self.


$25  for personal growth
$49 for .50 semester credit & or 6 CEUs

One ThursdayLinda Strickland$25.00$49.00Christian CounselingFall, Seminar25
11/08/2018Living the Great Commission MIN303/503 MIS/251

Five Thursdays: 11/8–15 & 11/29–12/13

Great movements of God begin with a call.  Why did God send Moses to Egypt to free His people?  Why did Nehemiah rebuild the wall?  Why did God send Jesus into the world?  This interactive class includes questions and answers relating to the why, where, when, who and how of our various roles in the calling of God.  Students learn God’s part and our part, local and global outreach, and the Biblical view of the Great Commission.  We will discuss ways we can live out the Great Commission in our various occupations and stations in life.


$59  for personal growth
$110 for 1 semester credit

Five Thursday eveningsDavid Parrish, Dir. IST&L, $59.00$110.00Ministry, MissionsFall59
11/10/2018How to Memorize Scripture BIB424/624

Saturday, November 10; 9AM–4PM

There is more to learning than memorizing, but memorizing is essential to the learning process.  As disciples of the Master Teacher, there is much about the Christian life that involves learning and remembering.  It is most useful for Bible students, and preachers and teachers to have a quick and accurate recall of Scripture references, memory verses, and much more.  This course is designed and intended to be immensely practical.  We will give careful attention to obstacles, principles, attitudes, skills, tools, and many other matters that affect our success at memorizing.  The instructor’s personally-designed, color-coded system will be presented.


$25 for personal growth
$49 for 1 semester credit

One SaturdayDavid Hull, M.Div., $25.00$49.00Biblical Studies, Christian Education25
08/27/2018Intro Microsoft Office Suite TR101


Instructor: Felicia Rogers Shorter

This introductory training class is
designed for individuals to have an opportunity to learn Word, PowerPoint and
Excel. Students will learn how to use Word,
create PowerPoint presentations and organize numerical and text data using

(TR 101) 5 wks, Mon. 8/27 & 9/10-10/1,

For personal growth only, $49.

Bring your laptop.


Five Monday EveningsFelicia Rogers Shorter$49.00TrainingFall49
07/03/2018Student Tutorial for TCCTC CONNECT

This tutorial helps students get ready to benefit from the enrichment available at TCCTC CONNECT, which is offered in some courses. Students proceed at their own pace and move on to new activities as they master the previous ones.

Begin any time. Work at your own pace.Sue Isaac, TCCTC Library Coordinator$0.00Training0.00
11/11/2018Basics for Faculty about using TCCTC CONNECT

This tutorial contains resources that explain the basic functions of TCCTC CONNECT for faculty use.

  • Viewing class participants’ names and sending messages to them
  • Taking attendance
  • Recording final grades
  • Uploading resources for students, e.g., the syllabus

Faculty may start this tutorial at any time.

Please contact Sue Isaac to be enrolled.

Self-pacedSue Isaac, TCCTC Library CoordinatorTraining

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