Tallahassee Christian College has moved to a remote learning
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All courses & seminars will be available online only.


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Student Tutorial for TCCTC CONNECTThis course helps students get ready to participate in the online portions of classes at TCCTC. Students proceed at their own pace and move on to new activities as they master the previous ones.Begin any time. Work at your own pace.Sue Isaac, TCCTC Library Coordinator$0.00trnon-credit
Basics for Faculty about using TCCTC CONNECTThis tutorial contains resources that explain the basic functions of TCCTC CONNECT for faculty use.Self-pacedSue Isaac, TCCTC Library Coordinatortr
03-30-20Forgiveness (CNS205) (W/S2020)Forgiveness is a journey that requires effort, time, perseverance, and prayer. Join us as we journey together, searching the depths of our souls to break chains and set the captives free - captives within us and around us - experiencing a new level of living, peace and joy. This course will equip you with the skills and tools to unleash the power of God's Word on forgiveness.    5 Monday eveningsJimmie Smith Jones $69.00$145.00christiancounselingw-s2020
04-18-20Using Bible Study Software (CED452) (W/S2020)Advances in the rapidly changing area of computers provide Bible students and teachers with powerful new resources of all price ranges and complexity.  Encounter a wide range of specific uses and tools, word studies, interpretation, mapping, timelines, genealogy, numerous Bible versions, concordances, photographs, videos, charts, outlines, biographies, Bible games and Gospel harmonies. 1 Saturday morningDavid Hull, M.Div.     $29.00christianeducationw-s2020
04-04-20Sowing Seeds of Faith for His Kingdom (MIN/MIS304) (W/S2020)Do you want to become more Christ-focused and learn effective ways to share your faith?  In this seminar we will see how God's Word can assist us in self-exploration and sharing our testimony. Join us as we learn how planting faith seeds can help us be better disciples and turn our daily lives into ministry as we become more dedicated followers of Jesus Christ.    1 SaturdayB.J. Jarmon, Ph.D.     , $59.00ministry missionsw-s2020
05-18-20Christ and Covenants (BIB 406/606) Summer20The Church is, by its nature, a covenant community and a solid understanding of covenants is vital for a sound and foundational understanding of the entire Bible and of the Christian faith. The Bible is divided into the Old and New Covenants (or Testaments) and the word “covenant” occurs 300+ times in Scripture. The institution of the New Covenant in Christ’s blood shortly before the crucifixion was a pivotal event in history.This multi-media presentation will present important covenant concepts and how they are fulfilled in Christ.5 Monday eveningsDavid Hull, M.Div.$69.00$145.00biblicalstudies
05-18-20God's Odds: Pascal's Wager Revisited (THE 460/660) Summer20We are all putting our lives on the line - wagering whether or not there is a God. This course and its text give clear, profound, often whimsical reasons to make the right wager. For pastors, it will enliven your flock. For Christians, it will inform your personal evangelism. For unbelievers, it will give you divine discomfort. The text is an antidote for casual Christianity, a manual for acquiring authentic Christianity, and a rationale for doing so.5 Monday eveningsJoan Wadsworth West, M.A.$69.00$145.00theology
05-19-20The Book of Titus in Greek (BIB or LANG 456) Summer20This course is for those who have had at least one year of NT Greek. We will read and translate the entire book of Titus from the Greek with a view to a better understanding of the text and the language in which it was originally written. Students will be challenged, helped, and encouraged in the honing of their skills in handling New Testament Greek properly and effectively.5 Tuesday eveningsDavid Hull, M.Div., $69.00$145.00biblicallanguages biblicalstudies
05-19-20Expository Preaching: Unleashing the Power of God's Word (MIN 410/510) Summer20Acquire the skills and tools you need to preach sound biblical truths that will connect and transform the lives of your hearers. This course addresses the ABCs of sermon preparation and delivery to give any pulpiter the confidence to proclaim God's Word through expository preaching. 5 Tuesday eveningsJoseph W. Henderson, D.D.$69.00$145.00ministry
05-02-20Footprints of the Prophetic (CNS441/MIN441) WS2020How did God speak to his people in biblical times? What modes of communication did he use? How can we build a biblical theology of prophecy that will act as a plumb line for his church and people? Join us as we explore the meaning of revelation and prophetism.1 Saturday morningJeannette Storms, Ph.D., $29.00christiancounseling ministry
05-21-20The Book of Hebrews (BIB558) Summer20The book of Hebrews is unique, for instance, Paul is often considered the author of Hebrews, but the word Paul occurs nowhere in the book - and neither does the word Hebrews. The longest commentary ever written on a New Testament book was on Hebrews, more than 3600 pages in seven volumes, of which the first two were an introductory. In this ten-week course we will look into this fascinating work of encouragement to Christians for their journey. Ten Thursday eveningsDavid Hull, M.Div.$139.00$290.00biblicalstudies
06-13-20Share Your Faith (BIB 251/551 or MIS 251/551) Summer20This interactive workshop is designed to relieve the stress that is often associated with our mandate to fulfill the Great Commission. Learn how to open doors in natural conversations and live out the Great Commission in our various occupations and stations in life.1 Saturday morningDavid Parrish, Director, International School of Theology & Leadership, $29.00biblicalstudies missions
06-20-20Accents in Acts (BIB 440) Summer20In all of literature, and even the Bible itself, there is nothing like the book of Acts! Join us as we explore major themes and teachings, and the principles and practices of the early church. Learn from the disciples who best knew, understood, and followed our Lord.1 Saturday morningDavid Hull, M.Div.$29.00biblicalstudies
06-23-20Pastoral Ministry: How to Shepherd Biblically (MIN 411/611) Summer20Your call to pastoral ministry is a noble one. An essential role of pastors is to feed and lead their congregation. This course will help you fulfill this aspect of your calling more effectively, presenting the basic training and skills that will enable you to function as a shepherd after God's heart (Psalm 78:70-72). 5 Tuesday eveningsJoseph W. Henderson, D.D.$69.00$145.00ministry
06-23-20Learn and Teach the Bible with Metacolors (BIB 321/521 or MIN 312/512) Summer20METACOLORS is a simple, unified system for carrying out multiple tasks. It can be used to memorize, organize, analyze, visualize, write, speak, clarify, highlight, and display information. It will enhance your study aids, papers, lists, presentations, tables, charts, diagrams, posters, handouts, and other teaching materials in a meaningful way. Developed by the instructor, it is especially intended for learning and teaching the Bible in a unique and exciting way.5 Tuesday eveningsDavid Hull, M.Div., $69.00$145.00biblicalstudies ministry
06-25-2021st Century Leadership (MIN555) Summer20This course has been designed to deepen and broaden the student's understanding of leadership through the review of literature during class discussions and participating in a wide variety of hands-on exercises and case study analyses. The literature and exercises are chosen to address leadership theory, and place them in a real-world context where students will be able to apply various skills and techniques deemed to be essential for successful leadership in the organization and broader societal setting.Students in this course will learn about leadership broadly defined, primarily within the context of the profit and non-profit sectors.5 Thursday eveningsHardy Clayton, M.A.$69.00$145.00ministry
06-29-20Design for Social Media Platforms (MIN 400) Summer20This course is hands-on project based learning. Students will experiment with text, graphics and more, bringing their marketing ideas and brand to life. Canva is a simplified graphic-design tool that utilizes a drag-and-drop format and provides access to stock images and fonts. Participants will learn the necessary basics of today's fastest growing designing tool to create images that can be used for web, print media design, and social media graphics.5 Monday eveningsSheree Hope, M.A. $69.00$145.00ministry
06-29-20Greek in Five Weeks (LANG 414) Summer20This course is for those who do not expect to take a full-length course in New Testament Greek, are not sure whether they should take one, or want to get a head-start on the basics for the first-year Greek course scheduled to start in a few weeks. Students new to Greek frequently discover that they do not have a good grasp of basic useful language concepts. Learning Greek enables one to gain many exciting insights into the meaning of God's Holy Word without depending on someone else. Learn fundamentals that will help you in an enjoyable, no-pressure environment to gain immediate benefit in your personal Bible study and in lesson and sermon preparation. You will also learn how to use study tools that do not require the ability to translate from Greek to English.5 Monday eveningsDavid Hull, M.Div.$69.00$145.00biblicallanguages
07-25-20Keys to the Book of Revelation (BIB 480/680) Summer20The title of the Book of Revelation indicates that things will be made clear, yet many people have trouble understanding the book. Gain helpful insights and guidelines to a better understanding of the last book of the Bible, including: principles of interpretation, symbolism, concepts, and Old Testament allusions. Many different passages of Revelation will be covered.1 Saturday morningDavid Hull, M.Div.$29.00biblicalstudies