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The Gospels01-19-21David Hull, M.Div.The Gospels have unparalleled value in learning about Jesus. In this course we will examine all four Gospels together as one presentation of our Lord's life and ministry. We will consider introductory matters, backgrounds, structure, and themes. Teachings, parables, miracles, events, prophecies, and characteristics of Jesus will be studied with a view to practical application.15 Tuesday evenings$209.00$435.00biblicalstudies
I & II Timothy and Titus01-19-21Margaret Swinger, M.A.These letters from Paul are as up-to-date as this morning’s paper; as Christians we need to understand them more deeply. These books give strategic instruction to the church and are continuing handbooks for leadership.  They include the revelation and deity of Christ Jesus as: the source of grace, mercy, and peace; the Savior who gave Himself a ransom for all; the redeemer and mediator between God and man; and our current hope.  The study includes the promises of His return and of the power of the Holy Spirit to maintain a victorious lifestyle patterned after Christ. 10 Tuesday evenings$139.00$305.00biblicalstudies
Designed by God's Grace01-21-21Warren E. Becker, Ph.D.Psalm 139 indicates that God exquisitely designed each of us in our mother's womb. But are you aware that God has designed you to function best in a certain way in all areas of your life? In Romans 12 the Apostle Paul discusses seven personal functional grace gifts. In this course we will examine these seven gifts in detail to gain a better understanding of how God has designed and gifted us, and how we can use our individual God-given grace gift mix to bless and serve others, bring honor and glory to God, and understand others better.5 Thursday evenings, $69.00$160.00christiancounseling ministry
Introduction to the New Testament01-21-21David Hull, M.Div.Christians love the New Testament!   Bible students generally focus on it but most have not mastered its rich content.  The New Testament speaks to vital issues such as forgiveness, purpose, life, death, salvation, and much more.  This survey of New Testament revelation will emphasize Bible content and structure., the historical framework of the period, and basic concepts of biblical interpretation.  Join us for an overview of each New Testament book, the life and ministry of our Lord, the history of the first-century church, and other issues that are relevant for our lives today.  15 Thursday mornings OR evenings$209.00$435.00biblicalstudiesorministry
Church Administration and Organizational Principles01-25-21Hardy Clayton, M.A.A course to build a comprehensive understanding of the administration of the local church using sound and universal principles in a biblical framework.  The course will focus on the importance of quality management, a variety of fund raising approaches, proposal writing, seed capital, banking, building programs, special project funding, and how to manage finances and property.15 Monday evenings$209.00$435.00ministry
New Testament GREEK 1B01-25-21David Hull, M.Div.This course is the second half of first-year New Testament Greek.  It will cover basic concepts, forms, functions, tools, and approaches useful in learning the language.  The most common vocabulary words will be clearly identified and presented.  Students will be guided through a reading in class of the first portion of the Gospel of John in Greek.  The large verbal system, including participles and infinitives.  The goal is to equip the student for a basic understanding of the Greek New Testament.  By the end of this semester one should be able to read approximately 90% of the Greek New Testament.  (Prerequisite:  New Testament Greek I-A.) 15 Monday evenings$209.00$435.00biblicallanguages
Intimacy In Intercession02-12-21Mark Geppert, founder of SEAPCIsolation has become an uninvited norm for many. But that isolation can be used to develop greater intimacy with the Lord who manifests His presence and love for us in our place of prayer. Mark Geppert will share experiences gained from 50 years of walking in the Holy Spirit. Known for Prayer Walking and Mobile Ministry Teams, Mark opens windows for all to see the glory of the Secret Place and how God, who is Love, reaches into isolation to bring faith, hope, and love alive. Intertwining the Biblical Truths of Man in the Image of God, Tripartite Love, and Three levels of Prayer, this seminar is a must for those who want to turn isolation into intimacy with a loving father who will never abandon them. His promise, “I will not leave you orphans” becomes a comforting reality as we experience His invitation to intimacy. 1 Friday evening & 1 Saturday morning, $59.00christiancounseling ministry
Share Your Faith02-20-21David Parrish, Director, International School of Theology & LeadershipLearn how to open doors in natural conversations that sow seeds and reap eternal fruit.  This interactive workshop is designed to relieve the stress that is often associated with our mandate to fulfill the Great Commission and will include ways we can live out the Great Commission in our various occupations and stations in life.  1 Saturday , $29.50biblicalstudies missions
Prayer: A Lifestyle02-23-21Anne Breedlove, M.S.Develop a deeper authenticity in prayer as you, a special creation, learn to pray as only you can.  This class is designed to equip and enable each person to 1) promote a lifestyle of prayer, 2) develop the tools that are needed to apply prayer to every life situation, and 3) walk grounded in His Word and stand firmly in His authority.  5 Tuesday mornings, $60.00$145.00ministry theology
Best Uses of Your Gifts in All of Life02-25-21Warren E. Becker, Ph.D.Did you know that your God-given grace gifts impact all of your relationships?  This is a very practical course that will help you examine how your grace gift mix is impacted by significant life influences and how it impacts your relationships with God-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, your spouse, your children and grandchildren, your relationships at work, and your relationships at church.  (Prerequisite:  MIN or CNS 454, Designed by God's Grace.)10 Thursday evenings, $139.00$305.00christiancounseling ministry
The Book of Daniel02-27-21David Hull, M.Div.The book of Daniel has fascinated readers for centuries.  It holds a unique place in Scripture.  Only in this book are we given a timeline from the Old Testament to the Messiah.  Even among the prophets Daniel stands out as different.  His prophecies are not directed so much to the people of his time as to those of much later generations.  The book includes remarkable events in the life of Daniel from when he was very young until he was a much older man.  Daniel was a man whose life was marked by mighty miracles, effective prayer, and great courage.  Join us in this seminar to learn about the background, structure, and interpretation of this amazing book. 1 Saturday morning$29.50biblicalstudiesorministry
Keys to the Book of Revelation03-20-21David Hull, M.Div.The title of the Book of Revelation indicates that things will be made clear, yet many people have trouble understanding the book.  Gain helpful insights and guidelines to a better understanding of the last book of the Bible.  Principles of interpretation, symbolism, concepts, Old Testament allusions, and many different passages of Revelation will be covered.1 Saturday morning$29.50biblicalstudiesorministry
The Ministry of Angels03-27-21Frankie Allen, M.F.A.In this seminar you will be introduced to biblical teaching about God's heavenly messengers and protectors. Learn more about your relationship with angels and the way God provides love and protection through them. 1 Saturday morning$59.00theology
Names and Titles of God04-17-21David Hull, M.Div.Who is God?  The most critical question facing us centers on God Almighty, the Creator of the Universe.  To understand the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit better, we will examine many names, titles, and terms for God.  In doing so, we will consider the person, nature, character, and work of God.1 Saturday morning$29.00biblicalstudiesorministry


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