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Student Tutorial for TCCTC CONNECTThis course helps students get ready to participate in the online portions of classes at TCCTC. Students proceed at their own pace and move on to new activities as they master the previous ones.Begin any time. Work at your own pace.Sue Isaac, TCCTC Library Coordinator$0.00trnon-credit
Basics for Faculty about using TCCTC CONNECTThis tutorial contains resources that explain the basic functions of TCCTC CONNECT for faculty use.Self-pacedSue Isaac, TCCTC Library Coordinatortr
10-10-19Becoming a Whole Person (THE316 CNS313) Fall 2019How did God design me?  What is my purpose?  What is the effect of the fall?  What is the significance of regeneration?  What are the different functions of body, soul, spirit, conscience, heart, mind, will, and emotion?  What is the difference in transformation, sanctification, conformation, glorification, regeneration, salvation, and renewing? Join us as we discover the answer to these questions and more!9 Thursday eveningsLowell Jackson, M.A., $139.00$290.00christiancounseling theologyfall19
10-16-19God and Government (MIN560) Fall 2019Many say that the best way to avoid arguments is not to talk about religion and politics. We'll look into both and get a behind-the-scenes look at what God is doing in and among our state leaders. We'll hear from people involved in ministry and get a picture of what God is doing personally and legislatively in the lives of those who work there. Join us to hear good news about our government and how you can support Godly leaders.One Wednesday morningTim Perrier$29.00ministryfall19
10-23-19The Sacred Exchange (CNS362) Fall 2019Inner Healing touches us in our deepest suffering and pain. When we have been deeply wounded through past experiences we carry the memories and the feelings associated with those experiences. These painful memories can damage our emotions, crippling us in every area of our life. The Sacred Exchange is designed to evoke self-examination in the light of Jesus' healing mission for liberating and restoring found in Isaiah 61.One WednesdayLinda Strickland$59.00christiancounselingfall19
10-24-19Translating Love (CNS382) Fall 2019This seminar explores new ways of knowing, experiencing, and expressing God's love. We often do not know how to translate God's magnificent love in our everyday experiences. Join us as we explore, learn, and find practical application of this wonderful reality.One Thursday Michael Wogsland, et al.$59.00christiancounselingfall19
10-30-19What the Bible Says About . . . (BIB491) Fall 2019Certain topics evoke strong opinions and rigorous discussion. But what does the Bible say about these subjects? This seminar will offer an examination of the scriptures that speak to four important subjects in our culture today: end of life issues, abortion, sexuality, and women in ministry. It's not about changing opinions, but letting the Bible shape our opinions.One Wednesday morningTravis Boline, D.Min$29.00biblicalstudiesfall19
10-07-19Introduction to Public Speaking (MIN349/549) Fall 2019Don't let the fear of public speaking hold you back. In the course you will improve your skills and gain confidence when speaking before small or large groups.  All ages and skill levels welcome.10 Monday eveningsJoyce Morgan, Ph.D.$149.00$300.00ministryfall19
11-11-19Paul's Epistle to the Romans (BIB445) Fall 2019Paul summarizes his epistle to the Romans in 1:16, but what exactly does he mean when he calls the gospel The power of God for salvation?  Why does Paul mention that he is not ashamed of it?  What is the significance of its being first for the Jew and then also for the Greek? These and more questions are explored in this intensive, yet immensely practical study. 5 Monday eveningsKent Young$69.00$145.00biblicalstudiesfall19
11-02-19The Church in the New Testament (MIN304) Fall 2019The New Testament church was a church in action! It faced great challenges and overcame them all by the power and guidance of the Lord! Do we study the New Testament then turn away unchanged? How was the church of the first century different from the church of the twenty-first century? Do we trust the Lord enough to put into practice the lessons to be learned from examining this unique book from God? Learn how the New Testament still has relevant principles to be applied in today's church.One Saturday morningDavid Hull, M.Div.$29.00ministryfall19
11-23-19Worldview (THE461 MIS461) Fall 2019Worldview may be the most important basket of information that Christians in the modern era can engage, outside of our own faith. Information and transportation technology put us in proximity to people and ideas that are more diverse than ever before. Two problems result. First, we may easily become confused and hesitant concerning our own faith. Secondly, it is more difficult to be a witness to that vast sea of people who have other faiths. This seminar lays a foundation to help Christians solve both of these.One SaturdayFreddy Davis, D.Min., $59.00missions theologyfall19
11-06-19Work as Worship (MIN449) Fall 2019Most of us worship on Sunday and work the rest of the week — but is that God’s plan for us? Aren't work and worship mutually exclusive? Shouldn't faith and business be separate? How effective can work as worship be in a secular world? Explore how these seemingly different concepts can (and should) become one.One Wednesday morningRicky Harper$29.00ministryfall19
08-26-19The Book of Genesis (BIB401/601) Fall 2019The book of beginnings is unique and vital to understanding the rest of Scripture, introducing patterns, prophecies, practices, and persons. This Christ-centered study follows the scarlet thread of redemption from creation through the fall, the flood, the origin of languages and nations, and the patriarchs' lives. It looks at themes, outlines, concepts, foreshadowings and appearances of Christ, chapter-by-chapter content, and more.15 Monday eveningsDavid Hull, M.Div.$219.00$435.00biblicalstudiesfall19
08-26-19Brain Science and Relational Joy (CNS371/471) Fall 2019Neuroscience based, this course presents cutting edge insights from brain and human development, traumatology, emotional regulation, motivation, and interpersonal relation sciences while reinforcing scriptural teachings. It provides a scriptural and scientific background for leaders, teachers, healing professionals or anyone called to respond in life-giving ways to the challenge of restoring community and family. No science background necessary. TCCTC CONNECT competency required for credit students. Go to to register for a free, self-paced introduction to using CONNECT.5 Monday eveningsMilt Dahl, MARN$69.00$145.00christiancounselingfall19
08-27-19New Testament Greek 2-A (LANG412/612A) Fall 2019This course is the first half of second-year New Testament Greek. First-year Greek teaches forms and structures, while second-year Greek applies that knowledge. Students will be introduced to intermediate and advanced study resources, solidify their knowledge of beginning grammar, acquire competence in intermediate grammar, and be equipped to continue developing in knowledge and handling Greek beyond this course.15 Tuesday eveningsDavid Hull, M.Div.$219.00$435.00biblicallanguagesfall19
08-27-19The Book of John (BIB343/443) Fall 2019 - EVENINGJohn used a variety of techniques to communicate the nature of Jesus to his readers, including his citation of Jesus' seven "I Am" statements. Much of John's Gospel might be called the Book of Signs as it recounts Jesus performing miracles such as turning water into wine at Cana and raising Lazarus from the dead at Bethany, all illustrating Jesus' identity as the Son of God. Join us for this insightful study!10 Tuesday eveningsMargaret Swinger, M.A.$154.00$305.00biblicalstudiesfall19
08-29-19Introduction to Christian Theology (THE410/610) Fall 2019This course introduces students to what Thomas C. Oden refers to as the ancient ecumenical consensus of Christian teaching.  The structure follows the ancient baptismal creed, commonly called the Apostles' Creed, as students engage the basic beliefs of the Christian faith concerning God the Father, creation, Christian anthropology, Christology, soteriology, the Holy Spirit, ecclesiology, and eschatology.15 Thursday eveningsGilbert T. Crosby, D.Min.$219.00$435.00theologyfall19
08-29-19Jesus Christ in All the Scriptures EVENING (BIB409A) Fall 2019From the book of Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is all about Jesus.  Learn how to mine the treasures of Scripture for yourself as we examine prophecies, types, shadows, Old Testament appearances of Christ, symbols, themes, and much more in this Christ-centered multi-media examination of the Bible.  This is the first part of a two-part course. 15 Thursday eveningsDavid Hull, M.Div.$219.00$435.00biblicalstudiesfall19
08-29-19Jesus Christ in All the Scriptures (BIB409A) MORNING Fall 2019From the book of Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is all about Jesus.  Learn how to mine the treasures of Scripture for yourself as we examine prophecies, types, shadows, Old Testament appearances of Christ, symbols, themes, and much more in this Christ-centered multi-media examination of the Bible.  This is the first part of a two-part course. 15 Thursday morningsDavid Hull, M.Div.$219.00$435.00biblicalstudiesfall19
09-14-19Introduction to Microsoft Word (MIN102) Fall 2019Join us for three sessions that will assist you with creating professorial documents, such as essays, books, newsletters and more. Learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Word and start your journey to creating documents that express your message. We will build on the basic skills and move towards the advanced skills in word, such as creating mail merges, tables graphics, charts and more.3 Saturday morningsFelicia Rogers Shorter$89.00ministryfall19

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