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Join us as we take a journey through the ins and outs of using Microsoft PowerPoint. Learn skills that will assist you when creating a PowerPoint to aid in presenting your message to the World.  A sampling of topics that will be covered are creating presentations from templates or blank slides, adding animations, adding transitions, working with graphics or charts, set timings to slides and running your slide show.  Helpful Presentation tips will also be shared.  Creating weekly PowerPoint presentations will allow you to practice your newly learned skills.

This guide covers many of the options available in CONNECT.

It is designed for faculty who are interested in using the CONNECT platform to create an interactive learning experience for their students — as an integral part of a course taught in person at TCCTC or in a course taught completely online.


Faculty, please contact Sue Isaac for free enrollment.


This course helps students get ready to participate in the online portions of classes at TCCTC. Students proceed at their own pace and move on to new activities as they master the previous ones.