May 23 2022


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The Books of Joshua to Esther – Part 1 ONLINE

THE BOOKS OF JOSHUA TO ESTHER ~ (Part 1) – David Hull, M.Div.
This is the first half of a ten-week course on the twelve books of Old Testament books of history. All of the Old Testament books after them except for the book of Job fit within their framework. They are extremely relevant for today, portraying largely tumultuous times with plenty of political and spiritual ups and downs for the Israelites.
These books present special challenges for the student of God’s Holy Word. They contain difficult chronological issues and some of them generally do not rank high as favorite Bible books. Nonetheless, as with all Scripture, they reward study and are definitely worth closer
examination. We will seek to unravel difficulties, bring
clarity and order to the understanding of this daunting section of Scripture. Each student should be able to come away from this course with a firmer, more confident grasp of these books and a greater appreciation for them.
(BIB 307-17A /507-17A)
5 Mondays, 5/23 & 6/6-6/27, 6-8:30 PM,
$69 for personal growth, $125/BA, $145/MA, 1 credit.

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