Profiles of Faculty Teaching during Winter/Spring 2021

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Frankie Allen is a playwright and freelance conference coordinator and has taught courses at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center and various churches in the region for many years. Her Bible-based course, The Ministry of Angels, touches on the origin and creation of different types of angels, the nature and functions of angels, and our relationship with these heavenly beings and their relationship with God.

SEMINAR: The Ministry of Angels

Dr. Warren E. Becker is an experienced Bible teacher from Thomasville, Georgia.  Dr. Becker holds a Bachelor’s degree from Oral Roberts University and a Master of Divinity degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degree (with a Biblical Studies major) from Fuller Theological Seminary.  For many years he has taught Bible classes in a variety of churches as well as home groups.  He has also served as Director of Education for a Christian organization for 21 years; as a Visiting Professor for the Thomasville, Georgia Extension Center of the American Baptist College, Nashville, Tennessee, from 1991-2007; and is currently the Academic Dean of the International School of Theology and Leadership-USA in Thomasville, Georgia.  Dr. Becker’s passion is to teach God’s Word in simple, understandable, and meaningful ways with a special view to helping people better understand how God has designed and gifted them and how to effectively use their God-given gifts in all areas of life.

Designed by God’s Grace; Bests Uses of Your Gifts in All of Life

Anne Breedlove’s passion is the Word of God and prayer.  Anne has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from USF and a master’s in Library Science from FSU.  Anne worked as Outreach Services Coordinator for the Leroy Collins Leon County Public Library before retiring.  Anne has been involved in prayer for the body of Christ, our city, state, and nation for over 40 years.  She served as intercessor for Children’s Church for ten years and also led her church’s intercessory prayer group for many years. She is a member of two prayer groups which meet weekly.  


COURSE: Prayer: A Lifestyle

Hardy Clayton, M.B.A.Pastor Hardy Clayton received his B.A. in Theology and Biblical Studies from Louisiana Baptist U. and his M.B.A. at the J. Mack Robinson School of Business at Georgia State. He also attended Beulah Heights Bible College, Troy State U., the U.S. Army Academy of Health Sciences and the Georgetown Center for Family Studies. Pastor Clayton is a life coach, Certified Anger Management Specialist, and a Mental Health Professional. In 2013 he along with 10 dedicated people launched Covenant Christian Center in Thomasville, Georgia. He also founded Covenant Coaching & Consulting through which he provides professional counseling, coaching and training on leadership, interpersonal, and communications skills. The author of “The Power of Your Choices,” Pastor Clayton conducts seminars to challenge individuals to move beyond self-imposed limitations and begin to find their purpose, make better decisions and live a balanced life. Pastor Hardy Clayton is married to the lovely Mrs. Cheree Clayton and a proud father. 

COURSE: Church Administration & Organizational Principles

Mark GeppertMark Geppert is the founder of SEAPC and is committed to changing lives through prayer, channeling resources into humanitarian projects, raising up prayer teams which will penetrate unreached people groups in the nations, and nurturing new ministries through affiliation all over the world. Mark has taught prayer walking seminars, businessmen’s micro-economic Kingdom principles, and team building seminars to leaders in Latin America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and throughout the United States of America. Mark has over 35 years of international experience in over 30 countries and has authored five books. The first, The Attack Lambs, has over 50,000 copies in print and has been translated into several languages. Mark is ordained through Elim Fellowship of Rochester, New York, has served on the staff of several churches in the United States, and has established and pastored the English speaking congregation of the Church of Singapore (Bukit Timah). He is currently teaching, networking, overseeing, and inspiring existing projects and new avenues for sustainability and evangelization.

SEMINAR: The Key to Transgenerational Power

David Hull, M.Div.David Hull is a full-time instructor who has served at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center since 1995. David has authored: Learn and Teach the Bible with Metacolors;  Jesus Christ in All the Scriptures; and The Priesthood of All Believers. He has served as a teacher at Louisville Bible College, College of the Scriptures, Kentucky Christian College and Jamaica Christian College. David received his B.A. in Bible from Philips University, his M. Div. from Emmanuel Christian Seminary, and he has completed his residency work for his Ph.D. in Practical Ministries at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  

COURSES: The Gospels; Introduction to the New Testament (Morning and Evening sections); New Testament Greek 1-B;
SEMINARS:  The Book of Daniel; Keys to the Book of Revelation; Names and Titles of God;

David Parrish earned a bachelor’s degree in Christian Leadership from New Covenant University, as well as served as a team leader of missions into 20 different countries spanning the last 21 years. He has had the privilege of serving churches in almost every conceivable denomination, and numerous socioeconomic and cultural settings ranging from Zurich University in Switzerland to tribes living in caves throughout Mexico. He served in 20 different local and regional discipleship and prayer ministries. He is currently serving as Director of The International School of Theology and Leadership in Thomasville, Georgia.


SEMINAR:  Share Your Faith

Margaret Swinger, M.A.Margaret Swinger is an ordained minister in the Foursquare Gospel Church, and is in Pastoral Ministry with her husband, Pastor Arlen Swinger. She has served in Sylvania, GA, Mooresville, NC, Waynesboro, VA, Concord, NC, and Tallahassee, FL. Margaret is a well-known Worship Leader, speaks at churches, leads retreats and conferences for women, and has been involved in leadership for Aglow International. Margaret received her BA Degrees in Ministry from Mt. Vernon Bible College, and her MA in Biblical Studies from Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center. She serves on the faculty at TCCTC, where she teaches both New and Old Testament studies.

I&II Timothy and Titus