First, be sure you’re ready for learning online…

To take an online course, you will need the following EQUIPMENT: (2 options)

To Be Visible to Other Class MembersA computer or tablet that has a camera and microphone OR a smart phone.

To See, Hear, and Be Heard, but Not Be VisibleA computer or tablet without a camera AND any phone.

NOTE: Whatever computer or tablet you use should be updated to the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
Contact the CONNECT Coach to schedule a practice session to see if your equipment will allow you to participate in an online class session.

To take an online course, you will need, at a minimum, the following COMPUTER SKILLS:

• Logging In
• Navigating among multiple open tabs in your browser — to follow directions given by your instructor during MyLiveCONNECT sessions
• Downloading files — to obtain handouts, workbooks, or other resources provided by your instructor
• Saving files on your computer and uploading them to your course — to complete assignments

If you have not taken an online course at Tallahassee Christian College before, you must complete the short Student Tutorial for TCCTC CONNECT.
It’s free. You can sign up HERE.


Second, register for the course or seminar HERE.

If you want to check how a course or seminar fits into your BA, MA, or Training Program, our Registrar is always happy to advise you.
If you are taking the course or seminar for your personal growth, just register for audit.


Third, after you register, but before your first online class session, log in and check what’s on your course page.

1. LOG IN ON THE TCCTC.ORG WEBSITE using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari as your browser:

(Note: Edge and Internet Explorer can cause microphone and/or camera problems.)

1. Click “LOG IN” on the menu on TCCTC’s website.
2. Use the left side of the page under “My Account” “Login”
3. Enter your user name and password. (The same ones you used to register for the class.)
4. Click the box by “I am not a robot.”
5. Click the “Log In” button.

Once you are logged in your course will appear in the “My Courses” section at the bottom of the page.
Click on your course — it will take you to the course page.


Each online course has a course page on our CONNECT platform. On the course page you will find the link to participate in MyLiveCONNECT sessions (live-streaming class meetings). There you will also find the course’s syllabus, assignments, quizzes etc.

  • Take the time to read the content in the “About the Course” and “Student Tips” sections before your first online class meeting.

  • Make every effort to obtain any required texts before the first class meeting — these will be noted in the syllabus.

Fourth, join the MyLiveCONNECT session — the live-streaming class meeting at the day and time for your class schedule.

1. Log in and go to your course page, then look for the MyLiveCONNECT session for the date of the class; it will look like this example:

2. Click on the session’s name. It will take you to the page where you can join the session.
If you’re early, you’ll need to wait for a moderator to enter the session first.

3. Click the Join button.

4. Choose how you will be heard:

        A: Microphone (computer with a mic OR smart phone)

                    “Allow” access to your microphone (you may be asked to “allow” more than once);
                    then choose “Yes” if you can be heard during the echo test.

       B: “Join using your phone” (computer without a microphone or camera AND any phone).
 Stay logged in on your computer or tablet and use any phone to call the number that is displayed when you click “Join using your phone.” NOTE: The phone number and conference PIN number shown in the example below are for illustration only — the numbers will change with each session.
       You will not be seen, but you will be heard when you speak. You can use all the other features of the meeting, such as the public chat where you can type messages and setting your status to “raise your hand.”


Once you can be heard, you have joined the session.

5. Let classmates see you (This is an option for those who have a computer with a camera or those who have a smart phone):

1. Click on the movie camera icon at the bottom of your screen (it starts out gray with a line through it).
2. Allow access to your camera. You will start seeing a selfie video.
3. Check that you can be seen well — try not to be backlit and be sure you’re okay with what’s behind you being seen.
4. Then click “Share webcam.”

Policies Affecting Participation in Online Classes

1. Students must take the short, free, “Student Tutorial for TCCTC CONNECT” before signing up for their first online course at Tallahassee Christian College. This is to ensure you will be able to participate in and benefit from the course.
2. Students should not participate in an online class session while driving or engaging in other hazardous activities.

Meeting Etiquette

  • Log into your first MyLiveCONNECT session about ten minutes early. That way you can work on any equipment issues before class begins.

  • Let the instructor handle questions about equipment or refer another student to the CONNECT Coach. The suggestion box in the Student Break Room is ready for your helpful comments.

  • When you are not asking/answering a question or taking part in an open discussion, you should keep your microphone muted. You can mute and un-mute yourself by clicking on the microphone icon on your screen or by pressing “0” on your phone. This reduces background noise.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. The microphone and camera pick up your family and friends as well as you. Close the door between yourself and, for example, the TV in the next room.

  • If your sound is garbled, you may have your speaker turned up too high. Try lowering your volume to reduce echoing.

  • In some courses, you may be asked to “raise your hand” to speak. Do that by clicking on your name in the participants list and setting your status to “Raise Hand.” Wait to be called on before you un-mute your microphone.

Tip: Start Fresh by Rebooting

If you’ve been using a different live-streaming platform (e.g., Zoom) you may benefit from rebooting your computer before you start your MyLiveCONNECT session. Different platforms leave behind themselves different settings for microphones and cameras.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with the display options on your screen