TCCTC’s 10,000+ volume Theological Library is open to all!

TCCTC’s library houses an extensive collection of theological, scriptural and related disciplinary information resources and study tools covering a wide range of topics. Holdings include scholarly books such as commentaries, concordances and scholarly writing, as well as books written by practitioners in various ministries. The materials serve many uses including biblical research, sermon and teaching preparation, personal Christian growth, and gaining general knowledge.

Who may use the library?
Anyone may use TCCTC’s library on the premises. Students enrolled in a multi-week course may borrow books and videos. If you are enrolled for credit, no deposit is required, but all items must be returned before grades or transcripts will be issued. If you are enrolled for personal growth, a $30 deposit is required per item. A check payable to TCCTC is the preferred method (the check will not be cashed unless you fail to return the items).  A cash deposit is also acceptable. Credit/debit cards will not be accepted.

Finding and borrowing books:
To access the online catalog on TCCTC’s website, click on the Library Tab, then select Search the Catalog & Request Books. On the search form enter your key word, using the search button to locate the materials you want. Next, send the library an online message notifying library staff of your request. TCCTC students and instructors may check out library materials. Community members are welcome to use materials in the library during operating hours (Monday–Thursday, 9 AM – 5 PM).

What items cannot be borrowed?
Books with (“REF” or “Very Old”) before the number on their spine are reference works or are too old to be borrowed.

Returning books:
Credit students: simply place the books in the bin labeled Return Library Books Here.
Personal Growth students: Take your books to a staff member who will return your deposit.

TCCTC Library Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm

Questions? Our librarian will be happy to talk with you (850) 513-1000.










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