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Ed Abel, Judi Rhee Alloway, and Dr. Joseph Amanfu
The Coach’s Journey: Volume 1, True Stories of Transformational Experiences with iPEC’s Core Energy Coaching
BF 637 .I643 2010


Brian Bailey
Ruth: A Guide for Life’s Troubled Times
BS 1315.53 .B355 2010

Brian Bailey
Joseph: A Life of Providence, Injustice, and Forgiveness
BS 580 .B753 2015

Robbie F. Castleman
Interpreting the God-Breathed Word
BS476.C325 2018


Freddy Davis
Praying is Not for Wimps
BV 210.2 .D38 2004

Freddy Davis
Total Freedom! Liberation from the Bonds that Keep Us from God
BV 4501.2 .D385 2005

Freddy Davis
Worldview Witnessing: How to Confidently Share Christ with Anyone
BV 3790 .D38 2007

Freddy Davis
Worldview Wars: An Introduction to Worldview for Biblical Christians
BS 3795 .D38 2016

Freddy Davis
I Stand Amazed in the Presence: Life Based on a Christian Worldview
BV4501.3.D38 2017


Mark Geppert
Every Place Your Foot Shall Tread: The Attack Lambs
BV 215 .G477 1999

Mark Geppert
The Attack Lambs: Prayer That Changes the World
BV 215 .G477 2001

Mark Geppert
Bridges: Getting from A to B
BV 4011 .G4774 2001

Mark Geppert
A Faith to Die For: Your Roadmap to Hope
BV 1700.2 .G47 2005

Mark Geppert
Stepping Stones: Sure Footing for Troubled Times
BV 4012.2 .G477 2003


Ann Dews Gleaton
The Spoken Blessing: A Spiritual Posture
BV 4509.5 .G54 2005

Ashley L. Jones
Faith and Freedom
BR115.L58 2018

Richard Marks, Ph.D.
Relationships for Life: How to Improve Yourself and the Relationships Around You
BV4012.M37 2011


Herb McRae
The Truth Revealed in the Eight Beatitudes
BT 382 .M373 2009

Allen P. Ross
Creation and Blessing: A Guide to the Study and Exposition of Genesis
BS 1235 .R73 1987

Allen P. Ross
Holiness to the Lord: A Guide to the Exposition of the Book of Leviticus
BS 1285.53 .R67 2002

Allen P. Ross
Introducing Biblical Hebrew
Ref PJ 4567 .R66 2001

Quin Sherrer
How to Forgive Your Children
BV 4647 .F55S54 1989

Quin Sherrer
How to Pray for Your Children
BV 210.2 .S5145 1998

Quin Sherrer
Lord, I Need Your Healing Power
BT 732.5 .S511 2006

Quin Sherrer
The Warm and Welcome Home
BV 4647 .H67S555 2002

Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock
The Beginner’s Guide to Receiving the Holy Spirit
BT 123.S46 2002

Stephen Lavon Siverls
Freedom on the Outside Prison on the Inside
BV 4501.2 .S58 2011

Jeannette Storms
Connexion: Spiritual Growth through Relational Prayer
BV 210.3 .S83 2010


Margaret Swinger
Paul’s Letter to the Romans: Class handouts from TCCTC course
BS 2665 .S95 2011


Travis F. Vining
Transforming Darkness to Light for Giving: Spiritual Lessons from My Life with a Serial Killer
BV 4907 .V56 2011

Pete and Shirleen Wait
“Shepherds of the Shepherds” in Shadows from Light Unapproachable: Anglican Frontier Missions (1993–2018)
BX5990.B67 2018


C. W. (Joan) West
God’s Odds: Pascal’s Wager Revisited
BT 50 .W78 2012

The Daniel Hoax
BS1555.5.W47 2014