Continuing Education

Meet the continuing education requirements of your chosen profession in a Christian atmosphere.

Tallahassee Christian College is both a college and a training center offering degree and non-degree programs, as well as workshops and seminars for Continuing Education Units (CEUs), training, and personal growth.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Inservice Points

Tallahassee Christian College offers CEUs in cooperation with various professional groups including the Association of Christian Schools International (A.C.S.I.) and the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (F.A.C.C.S.).  These may be earned by attending classes, workshops or seminars.

Tallahassee Christian College has provider status with the State of Florida to grant continuing education credits (CEUs) for clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, and mental health counselors under the Provider Status License #50-318.  CEUs are calculated based on one continuing education unit per 50-minute contact hour. Tallahassee Christian College is also an approved A.C.S.I. CEU provider.  Teachers in schools accredited by the A.C.S.I. receive one CEU for every six contact hours of A.C.S.I. approved courses.  Teachers in other schools may receive Teacher Education Center (T.E.C.) credit if courses offered are approved by the school or school district teacher education plan.  We will gladly work with other professional groups to help meet certification or credentialing needs.

Come and See!
Prior to the fall and winter/spring semesters Tallahassee Christian College holds an open house that is open to the community and includes an orientation for new and returning students.  During orientation, students have the opportunity to meet faculty and staff, familiarize themselves with school standards and our campus, receive academic advisement, gain knowledge of study programs and study aids, financial counseling, scholarships, and register for classes.

Questions? Our registrar will be happy to talk with you! Contact us!