Continuing Education

We believe all Christians are called to lifelong education, training, and spiritual formation.

TCCTC is both a college and a training center offering degree and non-degree programs, as well as workshops and seminars for Continuing Education Units, training, and personal growth.

Perhaps you are a teacher, a counselor, or a leader in your workplace or congregation and you want to be more fully equipped. Or maybe you want to attend a seminar for personal growth, or study Greek or the history of the church throughout the ages. In all of these areas and more, TCCTC has something for you.

Students may take classes without applying for or working toward a specific program or degree. These classes may be used for personal growth or taken for college credit to meet ordination, mission, or professional requirements, or to transfer to a denominational seminary.

Come and See!
TCCTC’s Open House and Orientation is a great opportunity to get to know us. Prior to the fall and winter/spring semesters, TCCTC holds an open house for students, area pastors, churches and local ministries. This event includes an orientation for new and returning students.  During orientation, students have the opportunity to meet faculty and staff, familiarize themselves with school standards and the TCCTC campus, receive academic advisement, gain knowledge of study programs and study aids, financial counseling, scholarships, and register for classes. Please check the Upcoming Events page for dates and times .

Questions? Our registrar will be happy to talk with you (850) 513-1000.