Application Process in a Nutshell

  1. Make an appointment and meet (virtually) with the Academic Adviser to determine:
  • the best program for you,
  • the application requirements for that program,
  • for which course(s) you should register while your application is in process (up to 9 credits),
  • whether or not you will need to complete a writing exercise and, if so, schedule for it,
  • whether you are eligible for an interest-free payment plan for your tuition.
  1. If required: Complete the writing exercise and check back in a week for the results.
  2. Complete the application for your chosen program online HERE.
  • The application can be started, then returned to later, as many times as you need.
  • Part of the online application (for degree and training programs, but not for lifelong learning) is entering contact information for your references.
  • The application fee is paid when you are ready to submit your completed application
  1. For those applying to degree programs: outside of the online application, you will need to request transcripts of prior college work (this is a must when applying for admission to the Master’s program; see instructions in the applications for Bachelor’s and Two-Year Degrees).
  2. Check back in a month after submitting it to see if your application is complete (that is, whether or not your references and transcripts have come in).