Mrs. Jo Anne Arnett

Jo Anne Arnett is President and Co-founder of Tallahassee Christian College & Training center. It is her desire to be fully available to the Lord; to allow Him to live and move through her in a way that will bring Him honor; to let Him choose the “what, when, where, and how” of her life; and to be rightly related to others. Jo Anne relates to ministries throughout the Tallahassee region. She is a member of Mission Tallahassee, The Tallahassee Pastors Council and various international educational organization. Jo Anne has coordinated prater groups at local, county, and state levels, and is an active member of her local congregation. After earlier experiences in teaching, supervision, and administration, she was called to Tallahassee as an Educational Consultant for the State of Florida. Jo Anne has taught at both FSU and FAMU. She has two children and five grandchildren. Jo Anne married Michael Drane 12/26/2019 – Blessing on them both!