Christ and Covenants (BIB 406/606) Summer20


Christ and Covenants, taught by David Hull, M.Div., 5 Monday evenings starting 5/18/2020.


The Church is, by its nature, a covenant community and a solid understanding of covenants is vital for a sound and foundational understanding of the entire Bible and of the Christian faith. The Bible is divided into the Old and New Covenants (or Testaments) and the word “covenant” occurs 300+ times in Scripture. The institution of the New Covenant in Christ’s blood shortly before the crucifixion was a pivotal event in history.This multi-media presentation will present important covenant concepts and how they are fulfilled in Christ.

Instructor: David Hull, M.Div.

(BIB 406/606) (This seminar will be presented online only.)

Five Monday evenings: 5/18 & 6/1-22
6-8:30 pm

$125/BA (1 credit)
$145/MA (1 credit)

Training Program participants may register online with code from the Registrar.