History of the Development and Expansion of the Church (HIS 411/511) Fall 2020

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History of the Development and Expansion of the Church, taught by Jackie Wilson, M.S., 15 Tuesday evenings starting 8/25/20.

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Together we will examine the Judaic roots of the church and its expansion from Pentecost to the present. We will survey church doctrine and practices as well as the development of each church period. We will cover important Christian events that have shaped history and our faith, and survey the church’s effect on human life.

Instructor: Jackie Wilson, M.S.

HIS 411/511

Campus: TCCTC Online

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15 Tuesday evenings 8/25–12/1
6–8:30 p.m.

$219 audit
$375 B.A. 3 semester credits
$435 M.A. 3 semester credits

Required Text: The Story of Christianity, by Justo L. Gonzalez, ISBN# 1-56563-522-1 (2010 Edition/ Volumes 1&2)