Forgiveness (CNS205) (W/S2020)


Forgiveness, taught by Jimmie Smith Jones,  5 Monday evenings starting 3/30/2020

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Forgiveness is a journey that requires effort, time, perseverance, and prayer. Join us as we journey together, searching the depths of our souls to break chains and set the captives free – captives within us and around us – experiencing a new level of living, peace and joy. This course will equip you with the skills and tools to unleash the power of God’s Word on forgiveness.              

(CNS 205) (This course will be presented online only.)

NEED HELP? We have an online coach, our “CONNECT Coach,” ready to help you get started.


Instructor: Jimmie Smith Jones 

5 Monday evenings: 4/13–5/11

$69/audit, $125/BA, $145/MA (1 credit)
Have your Bible at hand as you participate in this course.