God’s Odds: Pascal’s Wager Revisited (THE 460/660) Summer20


God’s Odds: Pascal’s Wager Revisited, taught by Joan Wadsworth West, M.A., (THE 460/660), starting 5/18/2020


We are all putting our lives on the line — wagering whether or not there is a God. This course and its text give clear, profound, often whimsical reasons to make the right wager. For pastors, it will enliven your flock. For Christians, it will inform your personal evangelism. For unbelievers, it will give you divine discomfort. The text is an antidote for casual Christianity, a manual for acquiring authentic Christianity, and a rationale for doing so.

Instructor: Joan Wadsworth West, M.A.

(THE 460/660) (This seminar will be presented online only.)

Five Monday evenings: 5/18 & 6/1-22
6-8:30 pm

$125/BA (1 credit)
$145/MA (1 credit)
Training Program participants may register online with code from the Registrar.

Required text: God’s Odds: Pascal’s Wager Revisited, by J.C.W. West. Available from Amazon or other sources. ISBN: 978-0615611419