Ministering to the Brokenhearted (CNS374) (W/S2020)


Ministering to the Brokenhearted, taught by Marjorie Beasley, CGRS, 15 Tuesday mornings starting 1/14/2020 — online component is required

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Change is inevitable, and with change there can be feelings of loss with its varied intensities of anxiety, pain, grief, depression, sadness – and even hopelessness. Jesus came to bring hope to the hopeless and joy in the morning; so how can we, as God’s people, relay this to the brokenhearted?  This course is an in-depth study about helping yourself and others through the pain of change and loss.  We will use educational, experiential and practicum concepts from the Grief Recovery Method, and from God’s Word.

(Online component will be required.)            

(CNS 374)

Instructor: Marjorie Beasley, CGRS; Founder, A Listening Heart 4U 

15 Tuesday mornings: 1/14–4/21

$229/audit, $385/BA, $445/MA (3 credits &/or 37 CEUs)
Materials included.