Normal Christian Living (MIN204/404) (W/S2020)


Normal Christian Living, taught by Lowell Jackson, M.A., 10 Thursday evenings starting 2/20/2020

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In this course we will carefully research how the original Christians lived, both personally and corporately. We will research the pattern of original Christian meetings, and how God administrates His interests city by city. We will question how biblically normal compares to typical, common, average, or status quo – and whether or not it is too late to recover normal. We will explore why the resurrected Jesus went congregation by congregation calling for overcomers in Revelation 1–3, and we will define what an overcomer is.

(MIN 204/404)

Instructor: Lowell Jackson, M.A.

10 Thursday evenings: 2/20–4/23

$139/audit, $250/BA, $290/MA (2 credits)