New Testament Greek 1-A (LANG 412/612A-1) Fall 2020

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New Testament Greek 1-A, taught by David Hull, M.Div., 15 Monday evenings, ONLINE, starting 8/24/20

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This course is the first half of first-year New Testament Greek. The New Testament of the Holy Bible was written in Greek, which is not the same as Classical, Byzantine, or Modern Greek. A sound understanding of this exquisite language provides one with the best and most direct access to the New Testament writings and to a better understanding of them. This course covers basic concepts, forms, functions, tools, and approaches useful in learning the language. The most common vocabulary words will be clearly identified and presented. Students will be guided through a reading in class of the first portion of the Gospel of John in Greek. The large verbal system, including participles and infinitives, will be covered in the second semester. All the other parts of speech will be introduced in distinct blocks in the first semester. The goal is to equip the student for a basic understanding of the Greek New Testament, with a concentration on the Greek nominal (noun) system. By the end of this first semester, one should be able to read approximately 75% of the Greek New Testament.

Instructor: David Hull M.Div.

LANG 412/612 A-1

Campus: TCCTC Online

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15 Monday evenings 8/24–31  &  9/14–12/7
6–8:30 p.m.

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Required texts: Essentials of New Testament Greek by Ray Summers ISBN 978-08054410013 ISBN 0805410015
and a Greek New Testament (preferably United Bible Societies, 3rd or 4th edition; NOT modern Greek).