Really Enjoying the Bible (BIB322) (W/S2020)


Really Enjoying the Bible, taught by Lowell Jackson, M.A., 10 Monday evenings starting 1/13/2020

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Does how I approach the Bible determine my benefit?  In this course we will learn the approaches to the Bible of John Wesley, Martin Luther, John Calvin, J.N. Darby, Billy Graham, George Muller, George Whitefield, the early church fathers, Paul the Apostle, and others greatly used of God.  We will discover the keys to profitable Bible study, we will learn the subject, central thought, and the sections of the Bible, and we will explore what Jeremiah meant by eating the words of God.  Join us as we learn how to turn the logos (constant, written, Word) into the rehma (instant, living, Word).

(BIB 322)

Instructor: Lowell Jackson, M.A.

10 Monday evenings: 1/13 & 1/27–3/23

$139/audit, $250/BA, $290/MA (2 credits)