The Book of Hebrews (BIB558) Summer20


The Book of Hebrews (BIB558), taught by David Hull, M.Div., starts 5/21/2020


The book of Hebrews is unique, for instance, Paul is often considered the author of Hebrews, but the word Paul occurs nowhere in the book — and neither does the word Hebrews. The longest commentary ever written on a New Testament book was on Hebrews, more than 3600 pages in seven volumes, of which the first two were introductory. In this ten-week course we will look into this fascinating work of encouragement to Christians for their journey.

Instructor: David Hull, M.Div.

(BIB558) (This seminar will be presented online only.)

Ten Thursday evenings: 5/21-7/23
6–830 pm

$250/BA (2 credits)
$290/MA (2 credits)
Training Program students may register online with a code from the Registrar.