Faculty Luncheon 1/11/18


What is it?

Why would I want to use it?

What can I do with it?

Quick tour of an imaginary course.






What is TCCTC.org/online?

  • It is a platform online for your course that you, as the instructor customize.


  • “Moodle” is the application we’re using. It’s similar to “Blackboard.”







Why would I want to use it?

  • Your students are increasingly online-oriented in their expectations. Using TCCTC.org/online is a marker that you are up-to-date on technology and therefore are likely to be current in your research as well.
  • It gives the same 21st-century currency to TCCTC as well.
  • Teachers experienced in using Moodle as an extension of their courses say that it’s the best way they’ve ever found to find out what the introverts in the class are thinking.
  • It would be a start in case you ever wanted to explore teaching a course entirely online.





What  can I do with it?

  • Make announcements that will reach everyone in the course (including anyone absent from a particular class).


  • Organize assignments via online submission and grade recording.


  • Foster interaction among students via forums.


  • Enhance your course by posting files and links that broaden or deepen what you have time for in class. (Post your syllabus and bibliography so no one can “lose” them.)


  • Conserve classroom time by having students complete quizzes online.





Take a quick look at an imaginary course on the parables.