Graduation General Requirements and Ceremony
The following requirements must be met no later than April 30 of the year in which the student expects to graduate.

•Satisfactory completion of all course work and projects required for the degree, including changing all incompletes to letter grades.
•Required grade point average (2.00 for undergraduate; 3.00 for graduate).
•Payment of application fee.
•Payment of the graduation fee.
•Payment in full of any monies owed to Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center.
•Return of all outstanding library or resource materials/

Graduation ceremonies are held annually for graduate and undergraduate students. They are usually scheduled for the second Saturday in June.

Graduation Grade Point Average Requirement
In computing the required grade point average (GPA) for retention and conferral of a degree, the total number of quality points is divided by the total number of semester hours for which letter grades are received. Letter grades of D or F cannot be counted toward graduation, but are calculated in the student’s GPA.
Undergraduate students must have at least an overall 2.00 grade point average to be eligible for graduation. Graduate students must have at least an overall 3.00 grade point average to be eligible for graduation. Core courses in which a “D” or “F” is earned can be repeated (see Forgiveness Policy). However, students earning grades of a “D” or “F” are required to confer with the instructor and the student advisor. Continued low grades may be grounds for dismissal.

Graduation Application
A request for a graduation must be made to the student advisor or the Office of Registrar one term prior to graduation or when the student has completed all but 10 hours of course work for their degree—whichever comes sooner. If the student is unable to graduate at the end of the term for which application was made and the diploma was ordered, the student must make application for the degree no later than the beginning of the next term in which the student expects to graduate. The student must bear the expense of the second diploma request. A $150 graduation fee covers the cost of invitations, cap and gown, diplomas and other related graduation expenses.

Graduation Check
A graduation check is initiated by turning in the Graduation Check Form to the Academic Advisor or Office of Registrar one term prior to graduation. This check will include an overview of grades and course completions in the light of requirements for graduation. An additional graduation check is required two weeks ahead of graduation. Students should request the check through the Office of Registrar. Success completion of all work and payment of all tuition and fees is required and will be verified by the Registrar.

Degrees of Distinction
Three degrees of distinction are granted to graduating students, based on all college-level work attempted, including the term’s work in which Baccalaureate Degree requirements are completed. They are:

•Cum Laude for an overall of 3.50.
•Magna Cum Laude for an overall average of 3.70.
•Summa Cum Laude for an overall average of 3.90.

Graduation with Honors
Honors programs are designed to encourage talented students to undertake independent and original research as part of the Center experience. Students who complete and successfully defend graduate honors theses or projects as defined by his or her individual department will graduate with the designation, “With Honors.”

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