February 2017 Newsletter of
Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center

Therefore, encourage one another
and build one another up,
just as you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Learning more about God’s Word at TCCTC is a great way to build up the Body of Christ!

Ashley L. Jones
TCCTC grad, TCCTC instructor,
former TCCTC board member

Her degrees include
• Bachelor’s Degree in Risk Management and Insurance from FSU
• Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from TCCTC

Ashley started taking classes at TCCTC because she felt compelled to write books that were biblically accurate. Armed with her Master’s Degree, she now blogs regularly at her site and is a monthly contributor to She is currently working on a book for young women called Girls with Gusto — You Don’t Have to be Perfect to be Perfected. Her other ongoing projects include a gift book for new mothers and children’s picture books.
Ashley takes every opportunity to share what she’s learned in her research for Girls with Gusto. She taught her first seminar (“Navigating Your Spiritual Journey”) at TCCTC in Fall 2016, and she looks forward to teaching it again soon.
Ashley now works at Transformed by His Grace Coffee Shop & Christian Gifts, which is owned by TCCTC board member Burke Buchanan. When she’s not managing the store, Ashley is putting her project management background to good use helping Burke expand his promotional products business. You can usually find Ashley at the store, which is located next Movies 8 on Sharer Rd.
When she’s not working or writing, Ashley is spending time with her husband Robby Jones, their cat Penelope, and their two hens Lula Bell and Lu Ellen.

Ashley says:
“I don’t believe in the world’s idea of a ‘balanced faith,’ which usually means that God, family, and work are afforded the same level of importance. This implies that it’s okay to be a God-follower as long as it doesn’t interrupt the daily schedule or the long-term goals. But Jesus didn’t say that we only had to follow Him until it got uncomfortable, until friends complained, or until we lost sleep. He just said, ‘Follow me.’ No, I’d rather be unbalanced — with God at the center of my life — than balanced for the world’s sake.”



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