About Us

Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center

Our Mission

is to provide biblical-inspired learning experience in a supportive environment where our students can grow in their faith and purpose.

Our Vision

is to see our students transforming their families, professions, communities, and beyond for the Glory of God.

Our Core Values

We are a Christ centered learning community that is dedicated to providing our students with instruction and training from a biblical worldview. 

We are committed to daily prayer with and for each other, following the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit. 

Our programs uniquely integrate biblical truth, academic excellence, and intentional spiritual formation. 

We are committed to providing a curriculum of excellence, continuously evaluating and improving programs, services, and policies. 

Founded as “a place where everyone is welcome,” we strive to be a caring and encouraging community where students, faculty, and staff with diverse backgrounds, perspective, abilities, and experiences can learn and work in an environment of respect, fairness, honesty, and compassion. 

We are stewards of our students’ needs and advocates for their academic success and professional development, therefore, we are devoted to maintaining an environment where everyone is valued, edified, and equipped to fulfill their purpose. 

We believe that the development of character is as important an aspect of learning as the development of the mind, upholding high standards of truth and personal honor. 

We believe that academic excellence reflects the successful relationship between engaged learners and outstanding instructional faculty and staff. 

We believe everyone should have access to lifelong learning education, training, and spiritual formation. 


Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center is registered with the State of Florida Department of Independent Colleges and Schools and enjoys undergraduate and graduate credit transfers with seminaries throughout the country. Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center is accredited at the highest level by Transworld Accrediting Commission International, a non-governmental accrediting body. Transworld accredits and assists Theological Schools, Seminaries, Universities, Colleges and Programs throughout the World — on campus, online and distance learning.

Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit cross-denominational religious institution of higher education chartered by the State of Florida and governed by a Board of Directors. It is not owned, controlled, or endowed by any denomination, agency, convention, or association.

College & Seminary Credit Standard

Standards for computing semester credits follow the SACS and the Association of Theological Schools (A.T.S.) standard of one credit hour for every fifteen 50-minute contact hours. Credit assumes successful completion of the course. Seminars carrying partial credit may be combined to form up to six undergraduate or three graduate credit hours.