Tallahassee Christian College is unique in its range of offerings and in its focus on adults of all ages, cultures, educational backgrounds, denominations, and interests. This wide range serves to supplement and extend courses in ways that are beyond the resources of most local congregations, and provides resources for a lifetime of learning where everyone is welcome.

Our faculty are professionals who are biblical scholars, teachers, counselors, and pastors from every Christian denomination. They base their teaching on Holy Scripture, and are committed to imparting the richness of Jesus Christ to their students.

Since 1990, the 4000+ students that have come through the Tallahassee Christian College, either for a degree or simply to learn more about God’s Word, are impacting our community and the world. Our graduates currently serve as attorneys, business leaders, government leaders, pastors, and homemakers.

Tallahassee Christian College enjoys cooperation from, membership with, and recognition by civic, governmental and business groups throughout the city. Recognized by the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce as Nonprofit Service Business of the Year, Tallahassee Christian College continues to stand out as a model of unity and academic excellence.

Our MISSION is to provide a biblically-inspired learning experience in a supportive environment where our students can grow in their faith and purpose.