Applying at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center

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Prior to the fall and winter/spring semesters, Tallahassee Christian College holds an open house for prospective students, current students and the community. Contact our office to learn more. 

Prospective Students

Individuals may apply for full-time or part-time admission. TCCTC also offers a number of training classes & workshops to help individuals grow in their relationship with Christ & in turn, make an impact globally and in their local community. Explore our classes here

How to Apply

You must complete an application and obtain recommendations and transcripts. You may take up to nine semester hours of coursework for college credit before your application is complete. Click here for more information on the application process.

Apply to Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center

Tallahassee Christian College changes lives through education. As an accredited institution we offer graduate and undergraduate degrees, as well as training programs, professional development, continuing education (CEUs), seminars and workshops. All enhance lifelong Christian growth relating to individual, workplace, and congregational life.

Tallahassee Christian College provides a place of education and training with programs that can be individualized no matter what the academic background. Students may come for as little as a half-day seminar or as much as a master’s degree.

Tallahassee Christian College is a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to find their calling and be equipped to fulfill it with excellence!

Undergraduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions

Tuition Options

See What TCCTC Has To Offer​

At Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center, subjects range from Greek, Hebrew and other seminary courses to seminars relating Scripture to individual, family, congregational, and workplace life.

They include specific training for congregational leaders, administration, praise and worship, intercession, Christian Education, and prison ministry. Others relate Scripture to various professions such as Business by the Book or God and Government.

In all of these areas and more, Tallahassee Christian College has something for you!


Tallahassee Christian College is an accredited college and a training center, offering master’s,  bachelor’s, and 2-year degrees in biblical studies, training program tracks, continuing education (CEUs) for various professions in the community, and classes for personal studies.


We are devoted to maintaining a loving Christian environment where every student is valued, edified, and strengthened in their faith. Tallahassee Christian College is open to all and crosses racial, cultural, economic, age, and denominational boundaries throughout its leadership, faculty, and student body. Everyone is welcome!


Faculty members are professionals who are biblical scholars, teachers, counselors, and pastors from every Christian denomination. They are committed to imparting the richness of the Jesus Christ to their students.