Equipping the Body of Christ

Student Advisement

TCCTC’s dedicated faculty and staff are the most important resources available to our students. Academic Advisement is available to help students understand the selection and sequencing of their studies.  Such understanding is crucial to the smooth progression to graduation or program completion.  Students must consult with their advisor at least every third semester throughout their undergraduate and graduate years to ensure they are making appropriate progress toward their degree or area of study.


Textbooks and Materials

The instructor of each course determines textbooks and class materials to be used, and students are responsible for purchasingthese texts. TCCTC will stock for purchase any texts which cannot be obtained from book vendors.  Others may be ordered through local bookstores or online. ISBN numbers are listed in class descriptions under Courses and Seminars.



TCCTC’s library houses an extensive collection of theological, scriptural and related disciplinary information resources and study tools covering a wide range of topics. Holdings include scholarly books such as commentaries, concordances and scholarly writing, as well as books written by practitioners in various ministries. The materials serve many uses including biblical research, sermon and teaching preparation, personal Christian growth, and gaining general knowledge.


Class Recordings

All classes and seminars are recorded by TCCTC.
MP3 recordings of multi-week courses are available for download to registered students on the CONNECT page of each course. The downloads are included in the tuition for these courses.

CDs may be ordered by registered students for recordings of both seminars and class meetings of courses. Please complete an order form in the office and submit it with your payment.