Alumni Success Stories

TCCTC Alumni: Local Roots. Global Reach.

Since 1990, TCCTC has served the Tallahassee area by educating, training, and equipping leaders. The 4,000+ students that have come through the college are impacting the community and the world.

TCCTC Alumni serve in all aspects of life. They have influence in business, education, family life, government, arts and entertainment, and the church. They serve on community and congregational boards, teach, preach, lead praise and worship, intercede, reach out to the poor and homeless, raise children, head ministries, and participate in foreign missions – impacting every area of society.

TCCTC Alumni: Local Roots. Global Reach.

“TCCTC offered me the platform for fulfilling my deepest intents and delights! God grabbed my heart while working on one of my final projects for Introduction to Global Missions, a master’s program course at TCCTC. He used my instructor as His spokesman, calling me and others to embrace the mission of taking the gospel to the nations. As a result, I now serve as Missions Chair in my church, helping our congregation become more globally minded. In addition, I have written a book, The Spoken Blessing: A Spiritual Posture; I head a ministry called Ministry of Blessing; and serve on faculty at TCCTC.None of these adventures in ministry would be taking place but for the experience, the preparation, and the encouragement I received at TCCTC.”
Ann Gleaton
M.A. Biblical Studies
“The decision to attend TCCTC changed my life! Having grown up with only the New Testament for a Bible, I learned the scriptures as a whole. I learned to look at things differently, and how to be more effective in my faith. The biggest thing I discovered while at TCCTC was how to have a personal relationship with the Lord. I did not have that before! I was born in Havana, Cuba, had to leave school at age 16 to support myself, then moved to Florida as a political refugee. I went on to earn a business degree and became a CPA. Serving on many Walk to Emmaus weekends and Kairos Prison Ministry programs, I became a lay leader and spiritual trainer. I also served in several missions, both within the US, and in Haiti and Cuba. Although it took me 50 years to return to Cuba, I now personally support two churches there, and plan to return again and again. My time at TCCTC taught me that everything I do in my life is ministry, from helping someone on the street in my hometown, to flying around the world on a mission trip. My heart is to serve the Lord and to help people, and I will continue to do that every day of my life.”
John Jaquet
M.A. Biblical Studies
“Attending classes has helped me to know the Bible better and be a better Sunday School teacher.”
Michael Drane
Florida Agency for State Technology
“The instructors, staff and students at TCCTC work as a team with the goal of making sure you succeed in your studies.”
Annette Calloway
“God’s heart is inclusive of all people, and your vision is to educate, train, and raise people up to impact the Kingdom of God no matter what their denomination or church affiliation.”
Rev. Carl Brown
“Without question, TCCTC is one of Tallahassee’s most precious and vital resources.”
Avery McKnight, Esq.
General Counsel, FAMU
“I have found a place where God’s people of all races and denominations can gather without separation and become one. A place where excellent teachers and leaders not only educate but lead their students in personal spiritual growth.”
Gary Griffin
Former student & board member
“Regardless of denomination, the teaching stays true to the Bible.”
Tommy Henderson
Global Frontier Missions
“TCCTC gave me the freedom to be myself during a very difficult and inquisitive time in my life. TCCTC offers the student the ability to ask the difficult questions that are otherwise often redirected to more comfortable conversation. TCCTC is staffed with exceptional Spirit-filled instructors, with ability exceeding the norm, to guide students into and through Biblical truth. I owe a large portion of my victory in Christ to TCCTC and looking back on the invaluable time spent in study, I truly have no regrets. Thank you TCCTC for your service in the Kingdom!”
Dustin Allen
"If you would like a wholesome Christian atmosphere with Godly people who are equipped to teach, join the TCCTC family."
Vivian Wilson

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