Degree Programs

Earn Your Degree At TCCTC

Tallahassee Christian College offers a Master of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, and a 2-Year Degree in Biblical Studies. 

The Master’s degree program requires 36 semester hours, the Bachelor’s degree program consists of 120 semester hours, and the 2-year degree program requires 60 semester hours.

Master and Bachelor students may choose a major emphasis in a biblical studies degree based on their particular focus.

Degree Programs

Biblical Languages

A Biblical Languages degree trains students to develop strong facility in reading and understanding classical Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek, the two main languages of the Bible.

Biblical Studies

A degree in biblical studies will provide a biblical and theological framework that will help prepare you to serve as a leader and visionary in the church, society, and world.

Christian Counseling

A degree in Christian counseling prepares students for a career related to freedom ministry, biblical counseling, and nonprofit counseling.

Ministry & Leadership

With a degree in ministry & leadership, you can be equipped to serve in a variety of environments and make a difference in your community. Several career paths can be taken, such as leadership, marketing, communications, community development, volunteer coordination, program coordination and many others.

Missions & Evangelism

This degree will equip students to effectively spread the gospel in their local community and to the nations. It offers a balanced blend of coursework that includes Old and New Testament, Spiritual Formation, and Christian Theology, alongside specialty classes. You’ll quickly gain the practical tools needed to minister in a variety of settings with a strong foundation for reaching the lost.

New Testament Studies

This degree will provide students a thorough grounding in the language and literature of the New Testament. Students will explore the message of the New Testament, its historical and cultural background, and the context in which we live and apply its message today.

Old Testament Studies

This degree offers a specialization in the Old Testament of the Bible. Courses include study of texts in the Hebrew Old Testament, Old Testament backgrounds, and on proper contextual interpretation. There is a heavy emphasis on scholarly biblical research and writing.


This degree builds a biblical and theological foundation, essential for students who feel called to vocational ministry. Students who major in Theology become perceptive, critical readers of the biblical text and of theological literature. They are able to interpret the Bible for themselves and for others confidently.