Tuition Options

Affordable Education for Everyone

One of the first questions every prospective student asks is, “Can I afford it?”  Our answer is yes!  It has long been the policy of Tallahassee Christian College to keep tuition and other costs as low as possible. 

To assist students financially, we have a number of options available. Please direct inquiries and questions regarding financial arrangements to the Registrar’s Office.

Current Tuition & Fees


$125 per credit hour


$145 per credit hour


$29.50 per .25 credit hour


$69 per credit hour

Paying For College

Congregational Support

Some congregations are willing to assist their students financially, knowing the fruit of their labor will be returned as increased leadership and service within those churches.  Students are encouraged to ask their pastor or appropriate board member within their own congregation about this possibility. Upon request, Tallahassee Christian College will gladly provide information regarding available programs or services on behalf of the student.

Interest-Free Payment Plans

Interest-free payment plans are available for students (in good standing) who demonstrate the financial ability to make payments on time.  Tuition must be paid in full by the end of the semester in which the student enrolls.  Payment plans are designed by, and must be co-signed by, the registrar.  Failure to meet the work or financial agreement will result in interest charges being applied and the withdrawal of this option for the following semester.


Tallahassee Christian College has a limited number of scholarships available. Before applying for any scholarship, students should first contact their own church for financial assistance.  If the student’s church is unable to help directly, a pastoral recommendation must be presented as part of the scholarship application.  This step is essential to be considered for a scholarship.

Scholarships do not typically cover the cost of textbooks and materials, or a few specific courses.  Please check with the registrar for exceptions.  Scholarship recipients are required to attend all scheduled classes, as well as other activities, as determined by their program.

Student Spouse Discount

A student’s spouse may attend classes concurrently at a 50% tuition discount.  Students must inform the Registrar’s Office to take advantage of this opportunity.