Non-degree & Training Programs

Non-degree Programs

Tallahassee Christian College offers non-degree certificate programs, continuing education units (CEUs), and training workshops and seminars. All enhance lifelong Christian growth relating to individual, workplace, and congregational life.

Students who plan to pursue a training track must submit a formal application for acceptance into the program prior to the semester in which they wish to enroll and make an appointment with a student advisor.  

Certificates will be awarded at the end of the school year in which the required number of Contact Units (CUs) have been completed in a given program.

Non-degree Training Programs

Biblical Studies

Provides a biblical and theological framework that will help prepare you to serve as a leader and visionary in the church, society, and world.

Biblical Lay Counseling

Helps to guide people toward health by offering tools and encouragement, typically from Scripture or life experience more than specific training.

Congregational Leadership

Provides a comprehensive approach to developing leadership excellence in the local church.

Ministry Leadership

Prepares students for volunteer and vocational ministry. 

Pastoral Leadership

Provides students with a foundational and broad understanding of pastoral care, Christian theology, and scripture.

Individual Courses & Certificate Programs

Students may audit courses for personal growth and enjoyment rather than earn course credit. Although examinations and outside reading are not required, the instructor may allow auditing students to take exams to gauge individual growth. Records of attendance for audited classes are kept, but a student file is not maintained. Audited courses may be applied toward the following non-degree programs at the discretion of the instructor.

Certificate of Attendance: Although audited courses are not eligible for college credit, a student may request a certificate of attendance through the Registrar’s Office. This request must be made at the time of registration and may be picked up after the last day of class.

Certificate of Completion: Certificates of completion for individual courses may be requested at the time of registration.  Receipt of a certificate requires a minimum of 80% attendance.  Students requesting certificates may pick them up after the last day of class from the Registrar’s Office.

Denominational Certification: Some denominations have designed programs to meet their specific needs.  When requested, Tallahassee Christian College cooperatively plans programs to meet these unique requirements.  If preferred, these programs may be taken for credit.

Individual Courses: Students may take one or more units without applying for or working toward a specific certificate or credential. These units may be utilized at a later date if appropriate to the student’s goal. If the student has possible plans to work toward ordination, a certificate or other credential, it will be to the student’s advantage to meet with one of TCCTC’s counselors to be sure all study efforts lead in the direction of his or her personal and ministry goals.

One semester unit is given for every 15 class/contact hours. Students who attend less than 80% of a class will be automatically dropped from that class. Classes taken for credit may be converted to audit or continuing education units; however units may not be converted to college credit. Students may take up to 9 semester hours before being required to meet with our Training Director. and create a formal plan of study.

Content Clusters: Content clusters are designed for individuals who wish to obtain a body of knowledge to prepare them for a specific area of Christian life and service. Learning will involve seminars, short papers and a project design. Areas include Christian Education, Prayer and Intercession, Praise and Worship, Servant Leadership, Personal and Family Life, and God in the Workplace. Each content cluster is the equivalent of six full days (about 42 clock hours) in a particular area of ministry. Contact our Training Director to create a formal plan of study.

One-Year Certificate: This certificate will be awarded upon the successful completion of 30-semester units to include a minimum of 5 units in Biblical Studies. It is equivalent to one full year of study at the Personal Growth (audit) level, whether taken in one-year or over a period of time. A student may begin this process when they have completed an application and chosen a major. Taking an average of 10 units each semester will allow students to complete these requirements in one calendar year. Contact our Training Director and check out the Application Forms.

Two-Year Certificate: This certificate is awarded upon successful completion of 60 semester units, to include a minimum of 10 units on specific books of the Bible or Bible survey courses. It is equivalent to two full years of study (whether taken in two years or longer) at the personal growth (audit) level. Taking an average of 10 units each semester will allow you to complete requirements in two calendar years.

This program provides an introduction to the field of Biblical Studies, with an emphasis in Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, Ministry & Leadership, Missions & Evangelism, or Theology. It will be to your advantage to meet with our Training Director to be sure all efforts lead in the direction of your personal and ministry goals.

Many TCCTC students begin by registering for one class that appeals to them. Perhaps the topic is stimulating, or maybe they have heard good things about one of our faculty members who are currently teaching. Often one class is all that can be added to a busy schedule. No matter what the reason, students are welcome to take one class at a time- there’s never a rush when God is at work in our transformation!

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