July 2022 Newsletter

Congratulations Class of 2022 Graduates “Well done Good and Faithful Servant”

Michael Benoit Drane
Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
summa cum laude

 I began taking classes at TCCTC to have an even deeper understanding of the scriptures I love.  While studying at TCCTC I shared what I learned with others.  I was amazed at how often things I learned in class came up in my Sunday School Class, men’s group discussion or daily Bible reading.   What I learned has helped me as a deacon as well as in working with men in prison and after they are released.  I plan to continue taking classes to enrich my understanding of scripture and enhance my fruitfulness in Christ’s Kingdom

Curtis Jeffery Tygres
Master of Arts in Biblical Studies
with an Emphasis in New Testament
summa cum laude

I am so grateful to have attended TCCTC. I have loved every minute of it: from engaging classroom discussions, to perusing the library, and building a never ending reading list! Every teacher I have had, loves the Lord, and His Word, and has sought to teach it with passion. Their passion, and joy was transferred to the students. At TCCTC I have learned how to study the Bible, and see how it ultimately points to Jesus. This school has prepared me for ministry, which is to share and teach God’s Word! 
I will cherish my time here forever
Thank you TCCT

What’s happening at Tallahassee Christian College & Training Center?  

First— 2022 Summer Online Classes
Classes have started, but it is not too late to register. Apply here on our website or you can reach us by phone, or email here Either way we have you covered!

Second– Packing our Library
Packing for our move begins on July 14th. We will not turn down any help. If the Good Lord whispers in your ear “go help TCCTC”, come on by, and I am sure we can find something for you to do, it will be very much appreciated.

Third- 2022 Fall Semester Schedule
Should be wrapped up by July 15th. Look for an updated list of courses here! 

 Fourth – 2022 Fall Open House and Orientation:
August 16, 2022, 5 pm to 7 pm

July’s Student Highlight
Introducing Work Study student Latasha McCoy, who is pursuing her Master of Arts degree with Emphasis in Christian Counseling. Latasha’s ministry includes, church elder, teaching, prayer ministry coordinator, and guest speaker. She is dedicated to serving the Lord and desires to pursue the things of God especially in the area of spiritual warfare and deliverance. Currently Latasha, is an IT Supervisor with FDLE. TCCTC has been blessed with her many administrative skills and talents.